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LaRoque got big pay day according to group

While Rep. Stephen LaRoque preaches the virtues of limited government on the campaign trail, he is well-paid for running two public charities funded with $8 million in federal dollars, according to a two-month investigation by N.C. Policy Watch.

The group found that LaRoque earned up to $195,000 a year heading two small economic development organizations – the East Carolina Development Company and the Piedmont Development Company – and used the non-profits to loan some of the public funds to his close associates and political allies, according to Policy Watch, a progressive advocacy group based in Raleigh.

LaRoque, a Kinston Republican who is in the House leadership, repeatedly declined to comment to Policy Watch. The story was written by Sarah Ovaska, a former reporter for The News and Observer.


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This is a major story.....

This deserves more investigation. Have these economic development organizations actually PRODUCED anything with my tax money? How does this salary compare with other economic development organizations of similar size? It certainly sounds excessive. And for a guy who's made his professional life screaming about government spending, it's the height of hypocrisy to find him living on the public dole. Just like a welfare recepient.

Nah, LaRoque is just a bad egg

The story is not "blown out" and the facts speak for themselves.   This guy is just plain ole smarmy.  A "government lending program" that lends to his wife and friends?  Hello?      He's a bad egg, and the stench is powerful.   Also, judging by the posts he throws out on blogs here and there, he's not especially bright.   His statements about the NAACP reveal profound ignorance and pathetically poor judgment.

But  I guess it's stylish to be a crooked bigot these days.  

Blown way out

This story is blown way out of proportion. I do not know this man, but I did appreciate his stance against the NAACP so I will say something on his behalf. His salary that you reported at $195,000 (true or not, I don't know, you could have made it up) is not outlandish in anyway. That is less than 2.5% of the funding. Non-profit managers for North Carolina run programs like Smart Start and More at Four typically pull 6-7% or higher. Write a story about that.

LaRoque is not a good egg

In fact, I think it would be fair to say that not only is LaRoque a complete jerk, whose moronic remarks have embarrassed the few sane members of his party's leadership, but he's a guy who doesn't take the law and its requirements very seriously.    Good for Ovaska for the long, hard work on this investigation.  Let's hope state officials (and LaRoque's unfortunate constituents) are paying attention.

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