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Land at center of Shuler controversy

Questions about a real estate development are swirling around U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler.

Shuler, a Waynesville Democrat, became a partner in the Cove at Blackberry ridge in 2005, the year before he was elected to the House, the Asheville Citizen Times reports. The partnership planned to develop lake-side property after the Tennessee Valley Authority said the property included water access rights.

TVA officials later discovered that the land did not have water access rights, and the partnership sought approval of a land swap with the TVA so a boat dock could be built.

Shuler maintains he had no contact with TVA on the Blackberry Ridge deal until after TVA CEO Tom Kilgore approved an arrangement in June 2008 that provided water access along the reservoir.

TVA's inspector general found "no evidence" that Shuler used his position to pressure TVA on the project, but investigators said Shuler's involvement created the appearance of preferential treatment.

The TVA inspector general's office began investigating whether Shuler had improperly influenced the decision in 2008.

When the decision to approve the land swap was made, Shuler was serving on a House committee that oversees the TVA.

Shuler says he had no contact with the TVA while the swap was being considered. An Inspector General's report on the issue found otherwise.

The House Ethics Committee is looking into Shuler's role. The issue has become ammunition for daily attacks from Republicans. 


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Re: Land at center of Shuler controversy

James, the mainstream media did not report on the controversial Van Jones until months after Fox News did. The mainstream media has lost most of it's credibility because they do not cover issues negative to Democrats. And with GE and NBC in the pocket of Barack Obama we see journalism dying.

Now I do not expect the media to always be looking for gotcha moments with any US politician or President. I do expect the media to be using constructive criticism is analyzing everything that comes out. And I expect the media to point out inaccuracies that will allow Presidents and others to correct them. And you have to ask yourself why does FOX beat all the other networks combines on many political and economic shows. People tend to watch others who show the ability to be able to be critical of both sides on any one issue. Fox does, the others do not.

Re: Land at center of Shuler controversy

Can you shed some light in terms of what's new about this since Congressional Quarterly reported it in June?

Covered here.

Re: Land at center of Shuler controversy

Where there is smoke there is fire......never fails!

Re: Land at center of Shuler controversy

Smoke rising in Western Carolina...District 11.

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