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Kromm: Is Obama leaving the South?

Chris Kromm wonders if Barack Obama is leaving the South.

In a post on Facing South, the executive director of the Institute for Southern Studies points to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal that says Obama has focused on the traditional swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan this month.

Kromm wonders what effect a narrower map would have on North Carolina.

"A lurking question: if Obama pulls up stakes in North Carolina and other used-to-be-battlegrounds in the final weeks, what will that mean for down-ticket Democrats counting on his voter-turnout coattails?" he writes. "Or has the Obama base in those states already been energized?"


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Re: Kromm: Is Obama leaving the South?

The today is reporting that NObama has pulled out of Georgia with his tail betwixt his legs...

The GOP is blessed

Clearly, God favors the GOP becuse he has provided them such outstanding models of intellect and insight as FFC and Tangoz (Paul Terrell III).

One can only envy the swell of party pride a John Hood or Carter Wrenn must feel upon reading comments from either of their aforementioned brethren.

One can only pity comedy writers, whose skill for parody is so far outmatched by the genuine extremes represented by these characters.

tangoz you couldn't be more wrong

The doors we are knocking on belong to strong Democrats, sporadic Democrats, all Unaffiliated voters, and Republicans who have signed up - of which there are a lot.

Re: Kromm: Is Obama leaving the South?

The difference between the Republicans and the Democrats are that Republicans are looking at all the voters and the Democrats are narrwoly focused on getting out the traditional Democratic vote.

And, our neighbor Jimmy Carter.

two ex-Presidents could do a lot of good.

Leaving versus Visiting

Two very different things. Maybe he should send Clinton down here. Bill Clinton.

Re: Obama campaign is so not leaving NC.

A fair point, but he may not visit the state as much.

— RTB 

Obama campaign is so not leaving NC.

Why start a rumor? He has hard-working offices all over the state. He's identified every potential voter in the state and is knocking on their doors. When GOTV starts every house will be visited up to 3 times until they vote.

THAT, is not leaving the state.

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