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Kostrzewa: Nicknames should be 'on point'

Theresa Kostrzewa says nicknames have to be tied to the campaign.

The Raleigh lobbyist said that while "Fibber Kay" is a catchier nickname, "Status Quo Bev" is more closely tied to the campaign theme of Republican Pat McCrory.

"If it were 'Status Quo Joe' or something, that would sound way better," she said. "But when you look at overall message, it's in keeping with it. McCrory is saying we need a new kind of leadership, we need to change the status quo and change the culture of corruption. 'Status Quo Bev' is in keeping with that."

She pointed out that both "Fibber Kay" and "Negative Bev" are nicknames about campaign tactics, not about the central (alleged) characteristics of the candidates.

"I don't think nicknames work unless they're related to the overall theme of a campaign," she said. "I think it can be effective if it's on point."

Kostrzewa, who lobbies the state legislature, said that she also doesn't think of Hagan as being an untruthful person.


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Re: Kostrzewa: Nicknames should be 'on point'

First, I don't hate Terrell. I don't know the boy. I do hate ignorance, and that probably washes through when I'm blasting him. However, I think it is fair, given that he is offering himself for public office. I dread the election of more incompetents to office.

Second, as far as your saying that I appear to agree with his position much of the time, please. Think again. We could probably agree on certain basics, such as the grass being green, but any political statements that seem to endorse the same position are purely coincidental. Terrell is not smart enough to develop any position other than something he heard on AM radio, so the fact that I have a negative opinion of certain Democrats should not be taken to imply that he and I have any sort of meeting of the minds.

Finally, I know I shouldn't be mean to stupid people, but folks like Terrell are capable of inflicting harm to my community and state. While I don't think Terrell is much of a candidate, the fact that a Russell Capps could get elected and re-elected before we finally threw the bum out demonstrates that truly awful candidates sometimes prevail. Thus, my anger often outshouts the angel who whispers in my ear "Be nice, he can't help it."

Re: Kostrzewa: Nicknames should be 'on point'

"He will get about the same from Duke Energy."

Frankly, I'm more concerned about what McCrory earned from Duke Energy during his years as the Mayor of Charlotte than I am about what they plan on giving him for retirement (or whatever).

At least with Cheney, we knew that his last year with Halliburton earned him 39 million, even if he (supposedly) sold off his stock when he became the VP.

With McCrory, we've got nothing. There is quite a bit of evidence that he used the Mayor's office to promote the welfare of Duke Energy, but what Duke paid him for that help is being withheld. You can moan about Democrats all you want to, but McCrory's secrecy about his public/private relationship with the energy giant is a prime indicator that transparency in government is for other people, not him.

Re: Kostrzewa: Nicknames should be 'on point'

Isaac, Terrell may not be great at expressing himself, but you appear to agree with his position much of the time. Why the hatred?

Re: "Duke" McCrory

I'm not whining, just pointing out that you are incorrect when you claim that "He gets nothing and gets the same from Duke Energy".

Re: "Duke" McCrory

You are whining over the Mayor getting $39,000.00 Hypocrite! What about your Mrs. Easley. 80%+ RAISE. What will she, Mike and Perdue get when they leave their political careers. When McCrory leaves as Mayor he gets nothing. I said Nothing! No retirement or other benefits. He will get about the same from Duke Energy. He is by far been more transparent than your Democratic Friends.

"Duke" McCrory

From a post here at the Dome August 1st: No McCrory Vote on 08 Pay Raise

This year, the [Charlotte] City Council narrowly approved a $1.8 billion budget that included boosting pay for City Council members from $23,463 to $29,900 — about a 27 percent increase. It also included a $4,000 car allowance that backers said would offset rising gas prices.

The budget also boosted McCrory's annual salary by 19 percent to $39,900.

McCrory did not veto the budget, which passed 6-5.

McCrory is still Mayor and only in January "quit" his simultaneous full time job with Duke Energy to run. Duke Energy PAC gave McCrory $4,000 the same month and $4,000 this July [7/23/08 according to FEC reports]. McCrory still will not disclose the extent of his financial relationship with Duke Energy and related businesses.

McCrory once went to Washington to testify, as Mayor, against EPA clean air regulations for the Charlotte area that would have cost Duke Energy $600 million.

Re: Kostrzewa: Nicknames should be 'on point'

OK Terrell. Let me get this straight. So you have these people standing around scratching their heads and shrugging their shoulders in wonderment, and then you walk up to them and say, "let me show you this," and you show them comments from Protzman, and their confusion is all cleared up. I just can't get that picture out of my head.

Speaking of laughing stock, little buddy, has anyone ever pointed out that everytime you open your mouth or post a comment, sane, literate Republicans cringe with embarrassment?

Re: Thanks!

Yes, childish is your strong suit. So why on earth would McCrory waste his time on your blog? How can you act like a little kid and expect to be taken seriously at the same time? I guess your pride in being childish explains why you posted nasty rumors about Bristol Palin's reputation at her high school.

Re: Kostrzewa: Nicknames should be 'on point'

People outside this state wonder why we have so many politicians going to prison or why we are a national laughing stock. That is until I show them comments from Protzman. Like the one where he says PAC money is good if it helps his candidate but is bad PAC money if it helps his candidates opponent.

The Democratic Party is complicit in all of the corruption that is taking place in North Carolina. The legislature passed a law preventing the State Auditor from investigating them because they are afraid he will uncover more corruption. Lately Merritt has been finding abuses of open bidding with different agencies under the Governor. And not to mention the posting of thousands of Social Security numbers on the open web site of the Secretary of State and the current Secretary's refusal to take down the web site and remove them.

Perdue's claims to do better when she is elected rings hollow because she has has 8 years as the Lt. Governor and many years before that as a State Senator to make a difference. Citizens have died on Easley's and her watch. It is time for a change, VOTE REPUBLICAN!

Paul Terrell III

Re: I still want to know who's paying the Pacman to run

Bob Orr is the man. If we just had a straight election (No Primary) I think he might would have a actual shot at winning. With the polarizing primary, he was just too-level headed, moderate and SMART to win.

Re: I still want to know who's paying the Pacman to run

Here's Bob Orr speaking at a BlueNC event.

No Republicans were harmed in the filming of this speech.

What is McCrory hiding from? He claims he wants transparency, openness, accessibility.

Re: I still want to know who's paying the Pacman to run

Liberals like yourself really don't want McCrory on BlueNC. You have already got your candidate in Flip Flopper Beverly Perude. McCrory has been elected 7 times as Mayor in a Democratic city. You are not going to be fair. Look at your comments on this site.

Re: Kostrzewa: Nicknames should be 'on point'

Protzman and others, you are whining when you know Beverly is PAC-Woman. Why don't you be fair and compare $$$ to $$$. Her union $$$ and PAC $$$ propelled her past Richard Moore. You talk about McCrory's personal finances. Where is Beverly's? She has loaned her campaign almost a million. Let's compare what she will retire with being a career politican. Have you ever looked to see what McCrory will get from being Mayor? He gets nothing and gets the same from Duke Energy! Yeah, nothing, zero. You are trying to defend your support for Beverly by your baseless, double standard and self serving attacks on McCrory. I will bet the farm that McCrory will give up his campaign $$$ if your candidate will go on a series of debates throughout NC.

Re: Kostrzewa: Nicknames should be 'on point'

"And, don't even get me started on her union money..."

Oh, do please get started. This race would benefit from a lengthy discussion about those "evil" unions that are the product of a long and painful struggle by American workers to have a voice in the way they are treated by management.

And then we can talk about the real reason this union money originates from out-of-state: because 19th Century throwbacks like McCrory (and yourself) have used fear tactics to keep North Carolinians from understanding the basics and benefits of collective bargaining, and when the isolated group here or there does finally get it, the local management-controlled arm of justice reaches out to suppress.

It's truly sad that workers from other states have to take money out of their pockets to help us here, but it is also somewhat uplifting.

I still want to know who's paying the Pacman to run

He's clearly not spending time doing his little mayor's job ... so where's his money coming from? Those of us who worry about Duke Energy holding the keys to the governor's digs would really like to see Pat's personal financial statements. How much was he paid by Duke Energy to promote their agenda over the years? How much of his net worth is tied to Duke Energy stock?

Maybe this information is public, but I haven't seen it ... and I've been looking.


PS If you are indeed with the McCrory campaign, how about inviting hizzoner to a live-blogging session at BlueNC. He's going to need votes from Democrats to win, no? I've invited him several times through the campaign website, but have heard nothing. So here you go: Open invitation - with the promise of good behavior and complete respect. We've had Munger and Perdue both on. Seems like something Mr. McCrory would be itching to do.

Re: Kostrzewa: Nicknames should be 'on point'

That's actually pretty funny, Protzman. Not accurate, but funny. Perdue has raised over $800K in PAC money. Her special interest money compared to McCrory is no comparison. And, don't even get me started on her union money...


Childish is one of my strong suits ... a carefully developed response to the insufferable whining of the Pacman.

Pat McCrory

Re: Then Pac McTory is perfect!

No, Protzman, your nickname isn't clever or on point. If it were either, you wouldn't look so childish for offering it.

Re: Kostrzewa: Nicknames should be 'on point'

Oh GEEZ, please, please spare us the wisdom of this vapid, morally bankrupt twit.

Then Pac McTory is perfect!

At least he comes by the name the old-fashioned way: He earned it.

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