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Kay Hagan: Karl Rove is coming after me, please send money

Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan has sent out one of her first mass fund raising mailings of her 2014 re-election campaign, in which she portrays herself as a working mom who has learned "to pick my battles and fight them hard.''

"North Carolina is now one of the most competitive states in the country -- perhaps the most competitive,'' Hagan writes. "The special interest types and Karl Rove-backed Super-PACs have already made clear their determination to target me for defeat. I'm high on the target list of several more outside special interest groups.''

"And I've only got one place to turn you: you,'' she writes. "I believe we've got a terrific story to tell in this campaign - a story of real solutions, of a different kid of leadership, a story of partisanship transcended. But it takes resources to tell that story, especially when you have to deflect attacks at the same time.''

Rob Christensen

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