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Karlsson enters Raleigh House race against Fulghum

Keith Karlsson filed today for the Democratic nomination for N.C. House seat 49 in Northwest Raleigh. It is the open seat that Republican neurosurgeon Jim Fulghum plans to run for.

Karlsson, a retired computer programmer and a former teacher active in Democratic politics, served on the Education Committee of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.

“The Republicans in the General Assembly have threatened the future of our children and our state by slashing funding for education at all levels, from pre-kindergarten through the University of North Carolina,” Karlsson said. “North Carolina must be able to offer employers a 21st century work force, but instead the Republicans have put North Carolina on the path to fewer jobs, now and in the future. We cannot cut our way to excellence.”


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The reason why we have such mediocrity... not strictly due to what goes on in the classroom. 

We have lots of poverty inside the Beltline and much more outside of it as well.  When you have parents working two or more jobs to barely make ends meet, or parents who have no jobs and can't even feed their kids - do you really think those kids can learn the same way that well-fed kids who have two caring parents at home who emphasize the importance of an education? 

Relax - those kids will do well working at a convenience store or joining the military if they don't go on welfare.  But then again - some military families and those people who work for WalMart also qualify for welfare too!

The Dems weren't perfect, but no one can speed up a race to the bottom quite like a Republican!


The truth hurts especially if you ignore it.

Wow!! another democrat  want to be legislator  with no knowledge of the facts. The democrats have tried to spend their way and have acheived educational mediocrity . The facts are 30% drop out rate, 72% of the public school graduates entering the Community College system require remedial reading and math courses and excess of 50% are not reading at fourth grade proficiency level.   Stay home Mr. Karlsson apparently you don't have a clue. 

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