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Judge takes top post again

Judge Julian Mann has been reappointed as chief judge of the state's Office of Administrative Hearings.

It will be Mann's sixth consecutive four-year term, and four different N.C. chief justices have appointed him to the position over that time period. He was the second person appointed to the post after the office opened in 1986, and he has been there ever since.

"He has a reputation across North Carolina, as well as across the country, for his knowledge of administrative law," said Fred Morrison, a senior administrative law judge who has worked with Mann for decades.

"I think people from both sides of the political spectrum see how well-versed he is in such law and the value he is to this office," he added.

The office works to resolve conflicts arising from administrative law, such as when a citizen objects to an agency's ruling.


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Re: Judge takes top post again

A little known fact:

- Outside of the Chief Administrative Law Judge's quadrennial appointment, there is NO mechanism in place TO REMOVE a sitting chief administrative law judge for judicial mis-conduct in North Carolina during his term.

- A convention that Judge Mann arranged. The Chief ALJ's lower administrative law judges, etc., are subject to removal if the National Association of Administrative Law Judges' code of ethics is breached--as deemed by the NC Chief Administrative Law Judge. This convention comes from a law sought by Mann in 2000 and negotiated with the Hunt administration for passage.

Fortunately, Judge Mann has known good relations--at his time of appointment--with all appointing Chief Justices of North Carolina's Supreme Court. He is known for high social skills exhibited in Chief Supreme Court Justice deference.


Re: Judge takes top post again

Congrats to Julian Mann. He's one of the good guys.

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