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Jordan Lake protections would be repealed under bill

A Senate committee on Tuesday morning approved a bill that would repeal environmental protections at Jordan Lake that were enacted in 2009.

SB515, by Sen. Rick Gunn, a Republican from Burlington, and Sen. Trudy Wade, a Republican from Greensboro, would require the state to study what the best approach is to improve water quality. Results of that study would be presented to the legislature for consideration next year.

The North Carolina chapter of the Sierra Club said the protections in place now are the result of years of studies, negotiations and discussions.

The bill also directs the state to focus on treating and improving water quality in the lake rather than on restricting activities upsteam. Gunn said indications are that the current rules have done nothing to improve the lake, which is a source of drinking water for close to half a million people in the Triangle.


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cleaning up Jordan Lake must happen now

The only way to improve Jordan Lake is to hold local governments responsible for polluting the Lake.Most of the pollution is coming not from upstream, but from construction run-off and contamination from other sources on or near the lake itself. The lack of buffers and protective zoning, particularly to the north east is the problem.

This bill smells like the work of those who want to build the massive 751-south housing project in SW Durham County. No one wants to clean up the mess that project is going to cause, no one wants to pay for it anyhow. This bill would allow them to pollute the lake, and no one has to clean it up.

Once again, GOP deregulation will cost NC Citizens clean water.

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