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Jones wants video poker on the table

Rep. Earl Jones is trying his luck at video poker.

A House committee began discussing but took no action on a bill sponsored by Jones that would legalize video poker in North Carolina, while giving the state 20 percent of the gaming profits. The state banned the machines in 2006.

The legislature is being pushed by recent court decisions falling on the side of video poker, saying the state cannot ban the games while allowing them on Native American reservations. The case is being reviewed by higher courts.

Proponents argue that such games could bring the state an extra $480 million in revenue and support about 35,000 jobs in the state at a time when money is needed. But others say the practice is deplorable and more addictive than other forms of gambling such as the lottery.

"Economic times have changed, and that's probably the primary reason for the consideration of legislation like this," said Mark Creech of the Christian Action League. "But we can make compromises that are all together too costly."

Jones, a Greensboro Democrat, disagreed, saying that the state already supports one form of gambling, the lottery, and that video poker is not substantially different. "The political liability for the state supporting gaming has already been tested," he said.


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True Conservatives want video poker on the table

This is a Libertarian dream come true, and the dream of at least the half of the Republican Party that still considers themselves Conservatives!

If counties want Video Poker in Quick Check, why shouldn't counties get Video Poker in Quick Check?

Is there some Authoritarian holdout against the grain of conservative freedom I'm not getting here by the last few elected Ultra-Liberal Neocon Bush Republicans in NC that claim to know better than the voters?

Are the last few elected Republicans just against freedom because the majority is for it?

Some opposition party.

Re: Jones wants video poker on the table

Looks like's a home run for the citizens of North Carolina. If it will bring this amount of revenue to the state starting out and will put money back into all 100 counties across the state, whats the problem?

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