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Jones parts ways with Rotterman

Walter JonesThe long-time political consultants to Congressman Walter Jones are parting ways.

Rotterman and Associates has "severed their day-to-day relations" with the Jones Committee, according to Marc Rotterman.

Rotterman and Associates have helped Jones since he was first elected to Congress during the Gingrich Revolution of 1994, making his TV ads, setting strategy and raising money, Rob Christensen reports.

"At this stage in our career, our focus be primarily doing television ads," Rotterman said.

The Rottermans helped raise $8 million for Jones, the Farmville Republican. Jones won by an average of 64 percent of the vote.

"We wish him well," Rotterman said. "We think he needs someone to help him focus full-time on raising money."

Glen Downs, Jones' chief of staff, said the split was mutual decision. He said the Rottermans may still help Jones make some TV ads, but will no longer be involved in fund raising.

"It was a mutually arrived at decision not to have a general consultant," Downs said. "We still have a relationship."


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Re: Jones parts ways with Rotterman

I would have celebrated this, for Walter's sake, ten years ago... back when I told people that I slept better at night because Walter Jones, Jr. was my Representative in the U.S. House.

Since then, I've gotten a bit more sanguine about Mark and Karen, and a lot more worried about the mental stability of Walter, who clearly has been in Washington too long.

For Walter to have signed onto a Democrat show-trial witch hunt, to placate the tin-foil hat crowd on Left, is just plain wacky. I love Walter, but know enough from experience on the Hill and in his District that the Democrats can beat him, next time. I also don't think he cares, one way or another.

Time to come home, Walter. Show your cards, then, or drop it.

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