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John Edwards: 'Suspect'

The Orange County sheriff's office released today a copy of a report alleging a "domestic between spouses and larceny of wallet" on Oct. 10, 2008, at the home of John and Elizabeth Edwards.

In the report, Elizabeth Edwards describes how John Edwards came to the home to eat dinner with his children after a sports event, Mark Johnson reports. She told him they were dining with the babysitter, and he had no business being there, according to the report.

Moments later, John Edwards challenged his wife’s comment and said the house was his, as well. Then Elizabeth Edwards said she saw her husband take her lime green wallet, which contained $320, credit cards and a Motorola Razr phone. John Edwards went down to "the barn," an adjoining structure that includes a full-size basketball court, for several minutes before beginning to leave, according to the report.

"As Mr. Edwards was leaving, he was asked to give the wallet back,” the report said, “and he advised that he did not have it."

The report ends by giving Edwards – a former U.S. Senator, former presidential candidate and former Democratic vice presidential nominee – a new title: "suspect."

UPDATE FOR THE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS: The report had been kept secret since it was filed more than a year ago at the request of Elizabeth Edwards, the sheriff said. He cited a state statute that allows incident reports to be kept confidential temporarily in cases where the documents’ release could endanger the victims physical or mental well-being.


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visitation? no

Okay, keep in mind that they were not legally separated a year ago. They only separated a couple of weeks ago. So there was no custody agreement, no visitation established, nada. The reasons people are critical of elizabeth include: 1) she knew about the affair and allowed the campaign to continue, 2) she lied to the press, the campaign staff, and others after she knew about it, 3) she made harrassing phone calls to the Young family about Andrew's alleged affair with Hunter. Even after she found out that it was John's baby, she continued to cover for and defend John. SHe was harsh to staffers, refused to listen to their advice, and behaved like a shrew. She painted this lovely picture of herself to the public, but in fact she is an ambitious, driven woman who knows no limits to spending and will now seek vengeance on Andrew at all costs. So, everyone knows JOhn has always been an empty suit, but elizabeth never saw it because she wanted to be on 1600 Pennsylvania more than anything.

smear campaign?

Descent reporting could find the way through John Edwards' many lies. He orchestrated his own smear campaign. And he should be paying for it himself. What a puke! Elizabeth Edwards deserves better.

Ditto to Tiger Edwards...but x 2

I'm sure there was some sort of visitation agreement between these two. John can't just show up when he feels like it. It's pretty obvious to me that Elizabeth was not expecting him. Then this BRAT of a man takes her wallet? How childish is this behavior? GROW UP JOHN!!! You lost. Your lies caught up to you. You are nothing more than a pathetic LIAR and you were stupid enough to knock up some gold-digging tramp so that shows you are a STUPID LIAR. Then you compound your pathetic LIES with MORE LIES about who the father of this baby was. You only came clean when the guy you blamed had published a book. Why did you wait so long??? Well, I think you were taking that time to think up yet ANOTHER LIE. How much MORE are you going to make your cancer stricken wife take? Did you really expect there to be no limits on the crap you could dish into her face? She trusted you OVER AND OVER and you spit in her face. She deserves better than the likes of you, Mr. MONSTER LIAR.

John "Tiger" Edwards

This guy needs to join Tiger and get his "ego" back where it belongs. In his pants. If his new bimbo thinks she'll be the only one in his life, she's dumber than he is. He is a monster, just like Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth Keeping John from Dinner with Kids

I want to defend Elizabeth's action in keeping John from coming to dinner with the kids: it sounds to me as if they had some kind of visitation arrangement and John was acting outside that agreement. Having know many people betrayed by their spouses or significant others, I can only sympathize with Elizabeth....can YOU imagine the sense of betrayal and anger that is almost INEVITABLE at what John did, in the circumstances of worldwide embarrassment, after all Elizabeth sacrificed for him (SHE should have been Prez!), and the horror of the sleazeball he chose for his infatuation?

Give Elizabeth a break....NO human being could take what she has had to take without getting angry! Why would you choose to be so cavalier and cruel about her?

Edwards and Obama: Megalomaniacs that smell very similar

Great comment about folks forgiving Ted Kennedy but not Edwards. THere is one problem though: VOters should NEVER have forgiven Ted, nor should they have forgiven Bill Clinton, or John Edwards. Forgive them as they repent as people. But never as politicians. You lie and you are out. Obama is yet another liar. Watch out folks.

Round Up The Usual Suspects

Well, Officer, I think it was a him although he did have a rather high-pitched voice. He was dressed in deerskin jacket and wearing tight pants.And had on an old green pointed hat (complete with chicken feather). He kept yelling, “I’m relieving you of your wallet because I rob from the rich and I give to the poor. It’s my life’s calling, caring for the poor. “ And as he ran off, Officer, he yelled, “I’m the Robin Hood of Orange County!” Does that help you, Officer? Does that give you any leads? I have this strange sensation that I know the man, Officer.

(Officer) “Yes it does. Ma’am. Yes it does. Sounds just like Ernest T. Bass!”

John Edwards is Sickening

Just when you think a man can't sink any lower - John Edwards sinks lower. His wife dying of cancer, he cheats on her, lies about it, has a baby with the tramp he was "dating", lies about it. Stealing his wife's wallet?
I can't understand how this creep can show his face in public anymore...or does he intend to run for President again? God bless & be with Elizabeth Edwards who has to endure all this pain in addition to her terminal illness.. what a way to live your last days - somehow I can't help but think that he will pay dearly for his reprehensible behavior....

smear campaign?

Please give me a break.

Didnt anybody pick up on his vibes?

I knew from the first moment I saw John Edwards on TV that he was a narcicisstic phoney. He was SO smooth and cocky. I couldnt believe the pageant that unfolded. The women liked his looks. Heaven knows how he conned the men. But I never dreamed he would go as far as he did. He came close to being (at least close) to the oval office. Man talk about what we value in a candidate. Didnt anybody at least cringe when they saw him combing that hair?On national TV?????

ABC is...

...doing this interview tonight, much to John Edwards' chagrin, because he himself sat with this very same interviewer in August of 2008 and LIED about everything -- the "lust child," the scope of the affair, etc. He had the opportunity to come clean that evening, but he continued to try to play the public and the interviewer as fools. Who's the fool now, John Edwards?

Tonight will be PAYBACK TIME, baby...and we all know PAYBACKS ARE A B*TCH!

Question: Who is Paying for this New John Edwards Smear Campaign

Question: Who is Paying for this New John Edwards
Smear Campaign?
It is so obvious this whole story has been orchestrated.

even worse moral lapses

In terms of immorality, nothing John Edwards has done in his marriage or elsewhere in his personal comes close to his voting to send thousands of Americans (and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis) to their deaths in an illegal and unnecessary war. Not only that, in his desperate attempt to justify it, he falsely claimed that Iraq had chemical weapons, chemical weapons production facilities, biological weapons, biological weapons production facilities, a nuclear weapons program, long-range missiles, ties to Al-Qaeda and more. With that kind of record, why wouldn't he also lie about an affair, paternity and other things?

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

John Edwards was a sorry senator, a sorry presidential candidate and even more sorry as a husband. He never fooled me!

Video At 11.

"John Edwards should be tied naked to a post and his pubic hair set on fire"
Is that on the recently disclosed "personal videotape"?

What a scumbag. To think I

What a scumbag.
To think I supported this jackal.
Went for Obama instead after seeing too many of my men maimed for life fighting for oilfields. To think I supported that two faced lawn jockey.

Forgive some throw stones at others that have done worse...

Why is it that some of you can forgive a certain senator who took a little ride with a young woman...and the car ended up in the water...and the young woman lost her life...and can not forgive Edwards ?...His mistake brought a life into this world ...and that senator's mistake took a life....I am no Edwards fan...but I am not going to throw stones....for the people who careful... those stones have a way of coming back to ya !

Your "update" is quite

Your "update" is quite funny. Of course, you needed to add it after having been shown to be covering for Edwards for 10 years and failing in an epic fashion to do your job.

I really think...

John Edwards should be tied naked to a post and his pubic hair set on fire.

too funny

I see marcky is frothing at the mouth again ... poor marc ... to have his idol J-Boy trashed in the media ...

Now this could be a "teachable moment" for marc ... but alas, I fear that he will switch his allegiance to another progressive saviour faster than he can sign up for a boycott of Whole Foods.

You see marc - unfortunately you're the one with the poor reading comprehension skills. In real life, I condemn Sen. Ensign's behavior - he should have resigned long ago. He should still resign. What he did was reprehensible - in effect he made his lover a wh*re and his lover's husband a pimp.

One of the differences between the Ensign story & the Edwards story is the media coverage - it didn't take long for Ensign to be scorned by the liberal press - and many conservatives too. But it took the Nat'l Enq to break this story - and still many were reluctant to report on it.

It is one thing to be a public figure and have an affair - no one is perfect, and marriage is hard. But it's completely different to use campaign funds or a donor's funds (a/k/a "Bunny Money" and Baron's money) to cover up the results of that affair, as J-Boy did. AND to cynically use EE's cancer as a sympathy factor, to garner support. Speaking of Bunny - where's the story on possible witness tampering? WRAL reported back in December about JE's jaunt to Virginia to see 99-yr old Bunny.

Of course John-Boy was nothing but a phony. Anyone could have seen it - if they had thought about the old canard - walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Edwards a self-made millionaire? Yeah, sure - he profited off the misery of others - only if they were alive. He didn't like to take on estates of dead patients - not enough sympathy factor. And then he milked that joke of a non-profit UNC-CH "poverty" center thanks to his (and the N&O"s) good buddy Gene Nichol, charging them for speeches, travel costs, etc.!


nice sheriff

PorkyBunny - I think it's rather considerate that the Sheriff wasn't getting into airing people's dirty laundry to the press. As I live in Orange County, that's how I'd want my sheriff to behave. Would you want your local sheriff calling a press conference to taddle on you?


tomyknowledge, even scarier is that Palin could have been President - worse Joe Lieberman could have become President! What's up with the VP picks in this country? OMG - CHENEY could have been President!
Oh wait - I forgot, Bush DID become President, and he was worse than all of them put together. Can you believe that some people were stupid enough to vote for Bush?


essequamvideri, must be sad to have such poor reading comprehension. See, when a poster compared Edwards to the Palins, I AGREED with that poster (see the Wassilla Hillbillies). If I AGREE with the poster who compares the Edward's goings-ons to the Palins, than I'm NOT excusing it.
I do find it odd you'd describe Senator Ensigns affair with a married woman or Senator Vitters time with call girls as "foibles". I guess you "family vales" types have a bit of a double standard - what Jesus called "hypocrisy". Isn't it interesting that Jesus forgave the Adulterer but curses the hypocrites?
As for my response to AP - well I am curious as to what good he thinks this "news" would have done in October of 2008. I don't get why he's got his panties so twisted up when Senator Edward's career is over, he's being dumped, and he's already been humiliated in a rather public way. My guess is rampant jealousy of a self made millionaire (hence the "betters" comment). I guess it tells a lot about people who celebrate in the misery of others - Edwards behavior is trashy, but not as trashy as yours.

What could have happened

And North Carolina Senator John Edwards could have become the President of the United States?

Edwards and the LAW

What made the Orange County Sheriff's Dept release this now? If they are releasing it then does that mean that they refused to release it before? Or had it hidden? John Edwards must be a very powerful man or was the fooling around with someone in the sheriff's office too?

look in the mirror ...

Gee, marcky, you seem to be quite judgmental when it comes to the foibles of anyone with an R by his name ... but somehow it's all right when it's a Dem. "betters"??!!! Typical of a progressive to pretend to be about equality but actually at heart is an elitist snob, just like John-Boy.

AP is right - the lapdog media in Raleigh (except of course JLF) gazed adoringly at John-Boy until the Nat'l Enq. finally took him down ... now they're busy joining in the fray & throwing shoes at him. The interview with Andrew Young is on tonight at 10 on ABC - and yes, I want to see the sordid details - just to see if any Democrats have had an epiphany about how they were so easily had by the slick charmer.

WHY wasn't this reported before? You can't tell me that N&O reporters didn't know about this little incident. If it had been Sen. Richard Burr's home deputies were sent to, you'd better believe there'd have been a story about it.


Gee Thinmint, before you compare the Edwards to the Palins, I think they need the "out of wedlock" baby and.....oh wait a minute.
Never mind!

They are beginning to rival...

..."The Wasilla Hillbillies" when it comes to lack of class.

dont be bitter pierce

Gee AP, the guy's life is in ruins, but still not good enough for you.
Jealousy is a sin you know - maybe you should examine your own faults before you go pointing at your betters.

Is an article /day now that

Is an article /day now that it doesn't matter suppose to compensate for no factual articles when it DID matter?

Kinda like how The N&O dealt with The Easleys ????


I live very near the Edwards and right this second there is a TV van and reporter speaking across the street from the driveway to their compound.
Seriously getting weird.
Hey Elizabeth - that's what you call "forgiving" somebody? Not letting them eat with their kids? Yeeeeesh - I'm starting to feel sorry for the guy.

Could you post the report?

Could you post the report? And, why wasn't this reported 2 years ago when it happened?


OK, now this is getting bizarre....

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