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John Edwards supposedly engaged to mistress, again

In a salacious cover story, the Jan. 17 issue of The National Enquirer reports that John Edwards has asked Rielle Hunter to marry him, citing unnamed sources.

“Heartless cheater defies Elizabeth’s dying wish,” screams the headline soon to be gracing supermarket checkout lines. “Rielle tells his two young kids: ‘CALL ME MOMMY!”

The report comes one month after the Dec. 7 death of Elizabeth Edwards.

Dome would not typically repeat unsourced reports from a tabloid magazine, but The Enquirer was the first to report the Edwards affair back in 2007 and the birth of the former presidential candidate's love child with his then mistress. Edwards publicly denied the affair and paternity of Frances Quinn Hunter, only to later admit both.

However, the Enquirer has also gotten it wrong. Last year, the tabloid reported that the two were planning to marry and had bought a $3.5 million luxury beachfront home. Spokespeople for Edwards quickly denied those reports.

Two people close to Edwards contacted by Dome on Friday declined to comment on-the-record about the new report that Edwards is engaged. Hunter professed her ongoing love for Edwards last year in an interview with GQ magazine.

Added to the mix is speculation about what, if any, impact such nuptials might have on a potential prosecution of Edwards.

Hunter has previously appeared before the federal grand jury in Raleigh investigating whether Edwards violated campaign finance laws by allowing two of his political supporters to provide financial support to a pregnant Hunter to keep the affair secret during his most recent run for president.

As recently as this week, others with ties to Edwards have been seen entering the federal courthouse while the grand jury was meeting. Chapel Hill businessman Michael Culcha, a friend and financial backer, testified Thursday, according to the Associated Press. Lisa Blue, the widow of the former Edwards campaign finance chairman Fred Baron, appeared Wednesday.


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Johnnie Boy

UNC guy

UNC guy.

UNC guy.

best man

The N&O modestly neglected to mention that Rob Christensen has agreed to be best man.

Personally, I'm waiting for the wedding night video to come out on YouTube.  You just don't get much classier than Breck Boy and his New Age thunder-ho.

Dem standard holder

I love these updates on Dem standard holder Johnny Edwards.  I'm not saying Elizabeth was a saint, but this guy Johnny - wow.  I still recall David Crabtree swooning about Johnny as his star was rising - the smearing of the National Enquirer by the liberal media when the story first broke - the pictures of Ms. Hunter - the two Americans - haha.


Water seeks its own level.  Johnny and Rielle truly are no-soul-mates.  Too bad they didn't meet before he married Elizabeth, who was way above him, and save her the hell Johnny and Rielle put her through.  May God have mercy on all the children involved in this farce.

The comeback trail

If John marries Rielle it will be the beginning of his comeback.  Many have never lost faith in John.  Teddy Kennedy did far worse than John and become the "Lion of the Senate."  I think John will rise quickly to become a national leader of great importance.  John is the only one who cares about the poor.  The public loves to forgive and John is such a loveable character.  Marrying Rielle will repair much of the damage.

Please N&O, leave this mess alone for a while

Most of your readers could care two hoots and a howdy less about John Edwards' love life. But there are children involved here, and most decent folks -- especially parents -- do care about their well-being. Do your greenhorn reporters and Rob "dunno nuthin' 'bout it" Christensen realize that now, after these kids have lost their mother, every time you print another gossip or innuendo, it's entirely possible other kids their age read it and may ask them about it? Haven't these three kids gone through enough in the last few months? They lost their mother. Don't make their grief worse by glorifying the torrid details of a sordid love affair!!!

The N&O is reguarly scooped

The N&O is reguarly scooped on Edwards story by a rag tabloid.

Your fidelity to Saint John Edwards is more than apparent.

I would wager a very large sum the N&O knew all about what Johnny Boy was doing the whole time but refused to divulge the info because they had to protect their golden boy.

A bigger gamble ....

The N&O trusting the Nat Enq as a source is a safer bet than the Nat Enq trusting The N&O as a source.   Rob C still doesn't have a clue about Rielle Hunter .....

Not to mention that messy Duke Lacrosse situation ......


I do not know why Biesecker is hesitant to reprint information from the National Enquirer.  His style of reporting has always followed the mantra of the Enquirer, "don't let facts or the truth get in the way of a  good story."

If this is true then it

If this is true then it would remind me of King Edward VIII giving up the throne to marry Wallis Simpson. 

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