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Jill Biden: If GOP wins, women would have to refight battles of 60s, 70s for their rights

In Cary on Saturday, Jill Biden, wife of the vice president, stressed how much was as stake for women in the election.

She said that President Barack Obama and her husband have stood up for the rights of women, whether regarding equity in the work place, protection against domestic violence, or respect for reproductive rights.

“The president and the vice president know how important it is for women to make our own decisions about our own health care,” Biden told about 200 people at a rally outside an Obama headquarters in downtown Cary. “So many women of my generation fought hard for Roe v Wade, for access to contraception and for equal rights. We don't want our daughters and our grand daughters to have to refight those battles of the fifties, and the sixties and the seventies.''

In asking young women to vote for the Obama-Biden ticket, she said: “Help them envision what the Supreme Court is going to look like with two super conservatives on that court. That will affect them forever.''

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The Tillis Berger leadership

The Tillis Berger leadership team of NC government brought the most regressive agenda towards women's rights in our state's history. Pat McCrory worked extensively to help elect them and he will continue to sign more and more legislation further eroding a women's right to choose.

24 days

WilmingtonDemo-rat you will have your answer in 24 days. Walter--who

What is she talking about?

So Dr. Biden is still perpetuating the myth that the Republicans are waging a war on women? I thought that ridiculous talk had died down and maybe we could address the real issues of concern to most women. That would be jobs and the high cost of living and the general state of the US economy, and the murder of our ambassador in Libya along with three other personnel. I have many friends and not one of them is worried about any of these so called "women's issues." The women I know have the exact same concerns as the men I know. I hate the divide and conquer policies of the Obama/Biden team.

So are their really women

So are their really women out there who will vote for McCrory and support his anti-choice agenda?

WORSE than 1920!

They didn't know any better back then. We are supposed to be MORE civilized and enlightened now.

Some women are superior to other women

I read an interesting article addressing a seeming paradox: Republican women who support the Repubican War on Women's Rights.

Why is that?

The article explained that Republican women accept domination by their white male masters because in turn they are allowed to feel superior and more powerful than women who are not Republican women.

It's difficult to explain, but the idea is women who support the right to choose their own medical decisons do that because they are of low character and are sexualy promiscuous: Loose women so to speak.

In short Republican women feel sexually and ethiccally superior to women Democrats who they view as... immoral sluts.

I would guess Rush Limbaugh would agree, too.

Do you?

Think how bad it will be

Think how bad it will be with McCrory Tillis and Berger running the state. Women of this state can get ready for what it must have been like in the 1920's in terms of choice, economic rights etc.

Probably smart to buy stock in those companies that make those trans-vaginal probers 

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