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Jensen wins Dome office pool

Tom JensenTom Jensen won the Dome office pool for North Carolina.

The pollster for Raleigh Democratic firm Public Policy Polling may have had a bit of an advantage with all that polling data at his fingertips, but he still came an impressive seven points cumulatively of nailing the final percentages in the state primary.

Jensen predicted Obama at 56 percent, just .1 percent below his actual take, McCain at 75 percent, 1 percent too high, Perdue at 59 percent, 2.8 percent high and McCrory at 43 percent, three percent low. For good measure he also correctly predicted Walter Dalton would win the lieutenant governor's race.

Coming up right behind him is user jbrown68, who came within 9.4 percentage points and also called Dalton, and user Senate, who came within 12.4 points. He and Jensen both win spiffy N&O hats.

In all, eight of the 22 contestants correctly predicted all four top vote-getters, with most of the rest losing on the Republican gubernatorial primary. 

Congratulations to users gercohen, greenlamp, bjeversole, btchambe and raleigh585, who also did well. 


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Re: Jensen wins Dome office pool

This is so exciting! A semi-honorable mention. I'd like to thank my mom for always believing in me...

Re: Jensen wins Dome office pool

Hey, other than LG everyone else had access to the same polling data I did! Not our fault if people didn't use it in making their predictions.

As for the picture, well, maybe not my best day.

Re: Jensen wins Dome office pool

I think it nicely captures his exuberance.

At any rate, I'm sending him a baseball cap. Maybe that'll win him some style points.

— RTB 

Re: Jensen wins Dome office pool

I disagree. Jensen had a lot more riding on the contest, since his professional standing would have been diminished by an embarrassing loss.

— RTB 

Re: Jensen wins Dome office pool

I assume you are referring to Jensen's picture. Seriously, RTB, it isn't fair to run a picture that's so unflattering? Please can't we help this kid out and find a better pic?

Re: Jensen wins Dome office pool

not at all fair.

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