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JDs on the unemployment line

Lawyers are out of work, too.

Once guaranteed a shot at the good life, a growing number of those who practice law find themselves among the unemployed. This spring, out-of-work attorneys are being joined in the brutal job market by hundreds of newly minted lawyers graduating from the state's seven law schools, many planning to take the bar exam this summer.

"It's not a happy picture," said Allan Head, director of the N.C. Bar Association, a voluntary professional organization with 13,500 members across the state. "I can't remember a time when lawyers were being laid off."

Nationally, the unemployment rate in 2008 for the legal profession, including paralegals as well as lawyers, was at the highest it's been in years -- 2.6 percent, approximately 44,000 people, according to data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number is believed to have increased this year.


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Re: JDs on the unemployment line

"Sometimes during breaks and while eating our Moon Pies and drinking our RC Colas, the mules would just kick us in the head."

Lol! I pulled tobacco for three Summers after my family moved here in 1973. People think the RC Cola/Moonpie thing is a cliche', but we really did get those when we took a break. And/or a pack of Nabs. We had a tractor pulling the old wooden cart instead of a mule, and it was driven by either an 8 year-old boy or an 80 year-old man. And when the old man was out there, he would hand out filterless Chesterfields to us kids at breaktime, and cackle when we coughed. ;)

I can't believe I did that for $1.75 an hour. I thought I was hot stuff pocketing a crisp twenty dollar bill after slaving from sunup to sundown...

Re: JDs on the unemployment line

No lobotomy. Many of us right wing fanatics were either dropped as infants or hit on the head. Most of my trauma came from being repeatedly kicked in the head by mules. I cropped tobacco as a small child and we used wooden carts (with wheels) pulled by mules. Sometimes during breaks and while eating our Moon Pies and drinking our RC Colas, the mules would just kick us in the head. I figured they saw a fly on my head and were trying to kill it. I hope this clears it up for you about us social conservatives. If any of us had $63.12 we’d never spend it on a doctor, we would buy our girlfriends some gold teeth and some snuff. We’re real romantics.

P.S. I didn’t mean to sound uppity about using the wheeled carts. Some poor folk had to use wood carts on sleds. Their mules had to work much harder. You might say that those of us using the wheeled carts were like the higher class, the debutantes. Many of those using the sled carts went on to become Democrats due to their inferiority complex…..or either because their mules died from over exertion. That’s why the Democratic Party adopted the mule as a symbol. Now if they could just learn that it’s easier to pull the cart if it has wheels on it. And not to tax your mule too much or he will die!

Re: JDs on the unemployment line

Er, methinks Domewatcher redeemed one of Doctor Nick's coupons for a $63.12 frontal lobotomy. Which would actually go a long way towards explaining some of the observations and opinions we've seen...


Re: JDs on the unemployment line

These are trying times for our beloved lawyers. And do you think that Obama’s nationalized healthcare system will further penalize them? Will the malpractice suits under Obama’s plan be as lucrative as now? I believe that if we could eliminate some of the malpractice suits that healthcare costs would drop to record lows. According to my figures, if you eliminate 13.9% of malpractice lawsuits, the cost of open heart surgery with a 7 day intensive care hospital stay would drop to $63.12…….

Re: JDs on the unemployment line

I think there are still many legal employment opportunities in rural counties who have historically not had many attorneys. But I think one of the more "unusual" developments is the continuing state hiring freeze...that means district attorneys are not getting hired. What does this mean for small judicial districts that may only have a small number of assistance district attorneys? If some of their existing ADAs start leaving, those communities may face some serious problems. The same is true for public defenders.

It's difficult enough to get attorneys, especially newly licensed ones, to join public service jobs, given their amount of loan debt. But to to completely shut off hiring them...some communities may be facing a criminal justice problem in their court system soon rather than later.

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