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Jawvohl, y'all! Perdue heads to Germany

Gov. Bev Perdue and First Gentleman Bob Eaves leave for a seven day trip to Germany Sunday for both business and pleasure.

Perdue and state Commerce Department officials will be meeting with German business executives to try and lure them to open up shop or expand in North Carolina. Commerce officials said 150 German companies maintain operations in the state, including Siemens Energy and Deutsche Bank.

While Perdue will hold meetings primarily in Munich, Commerce Department officials will touch base with businesses elsewhere, including: Hamburg, Berlin and -- it really does exist -- the great state of Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, to be exact.

Germany typically is among North Carolina's top eight trading partners each year (Canada is always No. 1), according to Kathy Neal, assistant secretary of commerce. Germany ranks second behind the United Kingdom in foreign tourist visits to the state: 115,000 visitors switched from sauerkraut to sweet potatoes in 2008.

Perdue and Eaves will spend part of the trip as tourists themselves, visiting with some of Eaves' relatives. The first couple is paying for their own expenses for the entire trip, according to Perdue's office.

UPDATE: Germany's rank as trading partner updated, courtesy of NC Commerce Dept. Also corrects what Perdue is paying for. 


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Hon', get on back home, now, ya hear?

Gov. Bev needs to get herself back on home so she can work on the problems concerning out state. She may be paying for her own ride, but who is paying for the rest of her flunkies?

Why don't you go on a vacation after we kick ya out of office, and you can take all the flunkies ya want. Sounds fair to me!

She is paying for her own

She is paying for her own ticket.

Got to get those vacations in. Obama here, Perdue there

Gov. Bev Perdue and First Gentleman Bob Eaves leave for a seven day trip to Germany Sunday for both business and pleasure

Got to love the Corrupt NC Democrat Party!

It's good to be king!

It's good to be king!

Bev on yet another junket.

Sure why not? She wont be missed around here. She has not accomplished one thing worthy of note, other that setting records for junkets. Good Riddance.


People are losing their jobs that work for the state and all Perdue can think to do is go to GERMANY?????

How about saving those TAX DOLLARS and giving somebody else their job back!!!

She really just wanted to cement the fact she wasn't getting re-elected didn't she? I'm so ashamed of NC.


Another "BUSINESS TRIP" on our dime. Who is flying you there? If you are paying your own way, is it the same pilot who flew you the other, other, other unreported flights? We know more, Bev!!!!

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