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Janet Cowell outlines a vision for the state in end-of-year note

State Treasurer Janet Cowell sent an end-of-the-year note to supporters and friends Friday that details how she "changed (and) evolved" in her first term.

One anecdote she offered: "I am incredibly grateful for those of you who have believed in me, advised me, worked alongside of me, and made me laugh along the way. One friend even told me he was going to tell people he was a senior advisor to the State Treasurer. “On fiscal matters?” I asked.  “No,” he replied, “on wardrobe.""

On a more serious note, Cowell, who many consider a rising star in the state Democratic Party offered a broader vision outside the confines of her current duties -- the kind of statement the party is looking to crystalize as it figures out its new role in the minority and one that will let prognosticators suggest she may seek higher office in the future.

"While we have many things to be grateful for here in North Carolina, there are a number of pressing issues facing us," Cowell started. "We need to create more jobs. One of the biggest missed opportunities is better maximizing the good ideas coming out of our universities. We have increased our high school graduation rate to 80%, but need to continue to increase the number of students graduating from our community colleges and universities with job-ready skill sets. We need to collectively improve our health to better our quality of life and reduce health care costs.  Given our past successes at reinvention when needed, I am optimistic about North Carolina’s capacity to change to make us even stronger and better prepared for the future."

She said new leaders entering office next year -- read: Republicans -- "work together to find solutions."

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