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Is Faison looking at Perdue challenge?

State Rep. Bill Faison of Orange County says he running re-election to his state House seat, but is quiet when asked about rumors that he is considering challenging Gov. Bev Perdue in a Democratic primary.

“If I run for my House seat, what else could I run for?” Faison asks.

But when asked directly whether he would rule out challenging Perdue, Faison repeatedly responded by saying he was running for his House seat – not by ruling out running for governor.

But Faison was more talkative with WRAL's Laura Leslie.

"At the moment, I think we need to win back the House,'” Faison said. “I certainly am aware that Perdue has her own problems, including the possibility of imminent indictments against some of her very close associates."

“I want to see us keep the governor's office in Democratic hands," he continued.

"I think her numbers do not look good. I think her situation does not look good. It's possible she may decide to do something else. She may not want to run for a second term. Should that occur, I certainly would be interested in considering a race," Faison said.

(Perdue's  polling numbers have sharply improved since her handling of the state's response to Hurricane Irene.)


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Why did Bill Faison bash Bev Perdue and declare for governor?

In a shocking interview with Laura Leslie of WRAL, Bill Faison bashed Governor Bev Perdue and then declared his personal interest in running for governor.  Citing the governor's, "problems," Faison talked about the imminent indictment of some of Perdue's very closest associates.  Question:  Why on earth would any Democratic member of the General Assembly go on television to attack the governor and then declare his interest in her job?  Answer:  He is filled with ambition, perhaps, blind ambition in this case - because revealing his gubernatorial ambition at this point will turn off a lot of voters.

Rep. Bill Faison

Rep. Bill Faison IS running for re-election to his state House seat and to get the House back with Democrats in charge. 

Bill spoke to Laura Leslie of WRAL at length today to make sure his comments are crystal clear.

When asked repeatedly about running for Governor, Faison never said he would consider or challenge the Governor in a primary. He said if she does not run, he would CONSIDER a run. 

Bill Faison's primary concern is JOBS for the people of NC. His JOBS plan has been endorsed by the House Black Caucus and had there been time this past week, would have been on the agenda for the full House Dem Caucus to consider. 34 House Democrats have joined with him in pushiing for action on this plan.

"We need to deal with practical problems in NC (JOBS) & get the yoke of the right wing off the state’s neck," said Faison

 "will consider" 

 "will consider"  what does that mean? 

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