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Is 2016 the year for President Richard Burr?

In case anyone hasn't had their fill of presidential politics, the Des Moines Register has gathered an early Republican wish-list of potential candidates.

Several have long been discussed and seem all but sure to announce explortatory committees sooner than anyone would like to believe – Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez.

But the Iowa newspaper gives a hat-tip to one North Carolinian who has largely been outside of the spotlight. "More than a dozen" GOP leaders were interviewed to build the list, and Sen. Richard Burr grabbed enough attention to be one of the "other mentions."


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Disgusting Richard Burr

Oh goodie, another do-nothing, milk toast, blahse, RHINO, centrist, self-absorbed white guy seeking the white house. I am a conservative white male, and I cannot fathom a greater disappointment than the fake, flawed, useless man that he is. Conservatives need soooooo much better. maybe a damned illegal Mexican will be a more effective Senator and potential White House hopeful. I am so disgusted by my fellow white people who are so focused on their own wallets and their over indulgences, that they allowed this country to be overrun by blood-sucking illegal aliens. And I am equally disgusted by the white, selfish, look-the-other-way Republicans who have allowed it all to happen. I vomit in your faces!

I can't stop laughing

... enought to comment, but I am going to try: Richard Burr has about as much charismas as a wet dishrag. He does nothing. He introduces nothing. He has no ideas. No vision. And he is dull, dull, dull. There is now way he will ever be President. I question whether he can even win re-election next time. The guy is a black hole. 

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