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Independent panel for Utilities Commission appointments sought

Advocacy group NC Warn took out a full-page ad in The News & Observer on Sunday keeping up the pressure on McCrory to disclose how much stock he owns in Duke Energy, where he used to work, and asking him to appoint an independent panel to choose members of the state Utilities Commission. Pending legislation would allow McCory and the General Assembly to replace all current members of the commission, which this year will consider a rate increase request from Duke Energy.


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How much Duke stock do you own?

Did the $10,000,000 that the Democrats are not going to pay back for the convention come from the stockholders? Or was it some special fund that will not come from the stockholders?

Advocacy Group's ties to BluePrintNC

Should NC Warn first let us know what their ties are to BluePrintNC and ProgressNC as this is likely just another attempt by the dems to eviscerate McCrory. And how about commenting on Don Bailey, who is the governor's first selection to the Utilities Commission? Appears to be a knowledgable selection with an engineering background that has no ties to Duke. Finally, my hunch is that NC Warn will find a way to criticize McCrory's stockholdings whether it's in his 401K or totals $500k, $100k or $10,000....out of
a market capitalization of $49 billion.

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