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In North Carolina, gun ads coincide with rallies

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns group released the two television ads expected to hit North Carolina in the next two weeks as it ramps up the effort to require more comprehensive background checks for gun buyers.

Both ads -- "Responsible" and "Family" -- feature a bearded man in a hunting camouflage hat sitting on a pickup truck tailgate holding a gun while his family plays in the background. The man says he supports the Second Amendment but also background checks to keep criminals and the "dangerously mentally ill" can't purchase a gun. (One ad above and the other below.)

The $12 million national ad buy in 13 states coincides with rallies across the country Thursday to push for the effort -- including events in Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro and Raleigh.

The Charlotte event will feature faith community leaders and gun violence survivors while Mayors Bill Bell and Mark Kleinschmidt will tout the effort at the Durham event. Kim Yaman, a gun violence survivor, will help lead the Raleigh rally and petition drive.


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Both ads

The first ad features a moron with his finger on the trigger. Very poor attitude and approach to gun safety. The second ad is a little better. But not all gun owners in South are like this. Bad stereotype. BUT, I will say that what these guys are advocating really isn't that bad. Although I still stand by the fact that teaching children morals and values would have a much better long term effect, background checks that include more comprehensive information is something that's expected along with enforcing the laws we already have. Like the guy says, with rights come responsibilities, and if we can do it without registration, even better.

Teach morals and values to children; my gun has done no wrong

Move your liberal gun-grab to a different state. We don't do that here. You really think removing guns is the answer? Guns haven't changed in 130 years, so why the sudden spike in gun violence? We continue to decline out obligation as parents to teach our children morals, ethics and values all for the sake of being politically correct. Kids see violence on TV, on the news, in movies, and now that they've seen it so much, they think its normal to behave that way because they aren't getting the guidance they require in order to mentally process the information. Theodore Roosevelt once said that “To educate a man in mind, and not in morals, is to educate a menace to society,” and that is exactly the problem we have today. In our case though its for sake of political correctness, i.e. don't pop your children in public if they misbehave...might offend someone; don't pray in public...might offend someone; keep prayer out of schools...might offend someone; let your children run wild because they can do nothing wrong...simply because they are your children and you think they're perfect angels, when in reality, they really aren't. This is the problem with America.

Hollywood and gun control

Let's make a deal. Get Hollywood to cough up the profits off all the movies and tv shows in which a gun has been displayed. For the past 30 years or so. You know the shows I mean. The Die Hard series, Rambo, Gunsmoke, the Rifleman, all those John Wayne movie reruns, the Dirty Harry series, Law & Order, the Godfather series, Arnold movies, Pulp Fiction. Any movie or tv that had a gun in it. Remember how Barney was always firing his pistol by mistake. Take that off the air!

Then use those profits to bring about gun control. And get Hollywood to promise to never run a tv show or movie that has a gun displayed.

Then take the profits from all video games that have a gun involved. Then destroy all those games.

I think this would work. Those California & New York senators should get this sorted out quickly.

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