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In debate, Walter Dalton hits McCrory with new ethics charge

In one of their most heated exchanges at the second statewide TV debate, Walter Dalton brought up a 1997 U.S. Supreme Court case, which raised the question of whether Pat McCrory, as Charlotte mayor pro tem, had acted inappropriately when the Charlotte City Council voted to condemn some farmland on behalf of Duke Energy, McCrory’s employer at the time.

Justice I. Beverly Lake Jr., a Republican, raised questions about McCrory’s actions in a dissenting opinion in the case.

“He was looking after that special interest,” Dalton said. “He was certainly not looking after the farmer. I think that says it all. I am going to work for the working people and the senior citizens and the middle class.”

In his response, McCrory dodged the charge and didn't answer for the court opinion.

“I have 34 years of business experience with Duke Energy that I am very proud of,” McCrory said. “I was employed with them while I was mayor and never was there a question of ethical indiscretion. … This is the private sector experience that we desperately need in the executive office. We need someone who understands business.”

Dalton also renewed his call on McCrory to release his tax returns for his current employment with the large Charlotte law firm of Moore & Van Allen. Since McCrory was neither a lawyer nor a registered lobbyist, Dalton wondered whether the firm was using McCrory as a potential future governor to line up clients. Dalton even used his now favorite, cha-ching, cha-ching line.

--Rob Christensen and John Frank, staff writers


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Dalton's "pay" to play at Augusta National exclusive golf course

Walter Dalton is guilty of sponsoring a bill for the billboard industry and part of his payoff was being invited to play golf at the exclusive Augusta National Golf Club, site of the Masters Golf Tournament. How come no reporting by John Frank of this clear example of "pay to play" by Walter Dalton.  What was his total payoff from doing this favor for the billboard industry and where has he done this elsewhere?  For example, why is the Retail Merchants Association rated the 3rd most powerful lobby in NC and it just so happens that Dalton's daughter is Director of Government Relations? uhmmmmm.


You are correct.  I got thrown by the Beverly and didn't check it myself.

Justice I. Beverly Lake

Justice Lake is a "him", not a "her".  That's a fact the previous commenter might have wanted to get straight.

Facts straight please

So, first off, it was not a U.S. Supreme Court case because Justice Lake does not sit on the Supreme Court.

The case is actually City of Charlotte v. Cook, 348 N.C. 222.  Justice Lake was writing in dissent, meaning that his opinion of what Mr. McCrory did is just that, his opinion. 

I'm a Democrat, and I agree somewhat that Mr. McCrory should answer for the ethical charge laid against him instead of obviously dodging the question as he did last night.  But, it's not the strongest attack in the world, and Lt. Gov. Dalton had a duty to disclose the fact that this ethical charge was never a finding of a court of law instead of implying that the Supreme Court of North Carolina thinks Mr. McCrory is unethical.

What else can Dalton do?

He can't run on his and Bev's record.  So throw some mud and hope some of it sticks.  It seems to be what most candidates do when they trail in the polls.  

The Big Question

Dalton spends all his efforts on allegations against McCrory, who has an untarnished record after 20 years of public service. Where has he been, why hasn't he championed the causes he now says are so essential to North Carolina?., He has been in a very influential position as Lt. Gov, but no action, no anything. Digging back 15 years to resurface an allegation is absurd. He is done, over, and the voters of North Carolina are responding to his ruthless and sick campaign. Wrong road for Walter to take, negative ads and accusations. I will be glad on Nov. 6 when we can put Dalton out of mind and move on to impoving our state.

What a joke

It is unbelievable that Dalton, who has been a big player in the most corrupt rein of democrat control in the history of North Carolina wants to talk about ethics. This guy  is a pathetic loser, with no record other Dalton/Bev. He has no new ideas to promote, just more of the same ole business as usual. Now his shameless attack campaign sinks to a new low. Walter you are finished in politics!!! there is no coming back from the hole you have dug. I for one can't hardly wait until November 6th, when your attacks will be silenced

Pat McCrory worked in Public

Pat McCrory worked in Public Affairs for Duke, ie he was a quasi lobbyist.

Under his tenure as Mayor, the unemployment rate and the debt for the City of Charlotte doubled.

His plan for economic recovery consist of a plan to cut taxes without the intellect of how you would pay for it.

And let's talk about Duke. The company pays it CEO $44 million to go away while at the same time saying it wants to raise rates 14%. And you are proud of that?




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