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Immigration politics: Obama organization limbers up, Holding opposed

In an effort to build support for the immigration bill that passed the Senate, President

Barack Obama's political organization is being pulled out of mothballs.

Organizing for America will hold rallies on Monday in several locations across the state including Raleigh , Gastonia, Wilmington and Greensboro.

The Raleigh event will include a news conference at 2 p.m. at the Martin Luther King Memorial Gardens.

"OFA-NC volunteers know their work has just begun," said the news release. "The Senate vote was a great step forward; now it's time to take the fight to the House to make sure they act to pass comprehensive immigration reform that will strengthen the economy and ensure the American Dream for this generation and generations to come.''

But it will take some major convincing to get the support of 13th district Rep. George Holding, a Raleigh Republican, who expressed skepticism about the Senate bill.

"Our immigration system is broken, and we should be more concerned with getting immigration reform right than getting it done quickly," Holding said in a statement. "I cannot support the bill passed by the Senate yesterday -- this lengthy and hastily drafted bill makes immigration reform a single issue, and does not give careful enough consideration to each individual, complex issue.''

Holding said has concerned that the Senate bill "costs too much and doesn't do enough to secure our borders.'' As a former federal prosecutor, Holding said he could not support "blanket amnesty for those who have come here illegally.''


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MLK would NEVER have fought for ILLEGALS to TAKE America's opportunity away from blacks or anyone !!!

The US House ain't gonna pass it !!!

understand, people?

WE are not having it without border CONTROL !!!

Barack Obama's political org is being pulled out of mothballs

What's he going to get the IRS to do now?

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