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If NC is so regulated ...

"It has to be a mistake," says Derb Carter of the Southern Environmental Law Center, speaking of the latest Forbes rankings of the top 25 cities for business and careers. "Four are in job-killing, regulation-strangled North Carolina," he says, dripping with insincerity.

He's right: Raleigh is No. 2, Durham No. 14, Asheville No. 17 and Charlotte No. 18. "Hemp-ridden Asheville at No. 17? The drum circle should be particularly raucuos this afternoon," Carter adds.

The Southern Environmental Law Center and the state's other environmental groups have been locked in battle with the GOP-led General Assembly this session as it shaves off regulations to help out the business community.

If we're so regulation-choked, they argue, why the consistently high business and quality of life rankings?


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Obviously not

Just think, Al Gore even gave YOU internet.


I challenge anyone to point out any aspect of the things we do in our daily life that doesn't have local,state or federal regulations governing the action. Just stop and think about the question and the answer. Then tell me......are we over regulated or not.

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