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Hudson to head Women's Forum

Robin HudsonRobin Hudson will head a women's group.

The state Supreme Court justice will serve as president of the Women's Forum of North Carolina, a nonpartisan group founded in 1976 during the push for the Equal Rights Amendment.

The group now works to elect more women to public office through a center on women in politics that is a partnership with Peace College, a young adult mentoring program and a women's advocacy day at the legislature.

Hudson replaces state government lobbyist Debra Derr.

Other officers were named at the April 18 meeting in Cary: Lobbyist Paula Wolf, vice president; political consultant Linda Suggs, secretary; and small businesswoman Valerie Fields, treasurer.


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Re: Hudson to head Women's Forum

The Women's Forum does not support candidates like a PAC -- they (among other things) help provide support, networking, and training for women of all political affiliations. Try the links! They work!

Re: Hudson to head Women's Forum

Now it would be kind of you to name how many Republican, Democratic, Libeterian and other political affiliations this group has supported. You need to report the facts on this story.

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