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Howard: Obama has Mayberry spirit

Ron Howard says Barack Obama represents the Mayberry spirit.

In a phone interview with Dome, the former "Andy Griffith Show" actor and Hollywood director said that he decided to use his past to make a Web video for Obama because this election is "a really crucial moment" for Americans.

"I've never done anything like it at all," he said. "(I've) never been outspokenly supportive. Once in a while, might answer the question honestly if someone put it to me in the past, and sometimes I avoid it. But I had this idea."

He said he mentioned it to producer Judd Apatow, who referred him to Adam McKay, cofounder of the "Funny or Die" Web site. McKay and a group of writers drafted the script, while Howard talked Andy Griffith and Henry Winkler.

"I knew that Andy was a Democrat, but I wasn't even sure how he stood on the presidential race because we hadn't talked in months and months," he said. "When I broached the subject, he was excited."

Griffith's part was filmed in the woods near his Manteo home, while Howard took time off from shooting "Angels and Demons" to film his on a Los Angeles backlot. The two were brought together with special effects.

Putting on a striped shirt and hairpiece, Howard said "definitely took me back."

For audio of the interview, click here

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Howard said that he never visited North Carolina until he was in his 30s, but he felt at home here.

At one point, he and his wife considered moving to the Triangle area, even going as far as looking at houses here, but they decided against it because there were no direct flights to Los Angeles.

"In an odd sort-of Twilight Zonish way, part of me feels like I did spend some of my childhood in North Carolina," he said.

Howard was asked whether he thought it was necessary for him to take his shirt off at the beginning of the video.

"I wanted to get their attention, you know," he said, laughing. "On the Internet you've got to do something startling in the first sort-of 30 seconds, or I don't think they'll stick around."


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Re: Howard: Obama has Mayberry spirit

Gomer, sweet and simple though he was, always turned out to be right and true representative of single professionals. the McCain campaign is grasping at straws & it comes off as totally desperate.

Re: Hussein Obama NOT a native born U.S. Citizen?? would make a great Nazi follower. They believed everything they were told also. Note* the smallest minds are the easiest ones to clean!

Re: Howard: Obama has Mayberry spirit

Fear not! The Day of Liberation is at Hand! Obama '08!!!!!!

Re: Gomer has the spirit

Hollywood doesn't always produce sweet and simple, but Gomer *was* always right. Now if Jim Nabors does an ad as Gomer for McCain, I'll have to rethink this theory.

Meanwhile, trying to knock Obama as a celebrity didn't work out so well for McCain, and the effort to tag Andy Griffith as a shill from Hollywood probably won't work either.

Naw. Try agin'.

Re: Gomer has the spirit

Hollywood writes scripts where everything always comes out just like they want it....sweet and simple.

Re: Gomer has the spirit

Well, as I'm sure you recall, Gomer, sweet and simple though he was, always turned out to be right.

Re: Gomer has the spirit

There is absolutely no question in my mind that Gomer would be an Obama supporter! I'll bet they share a lot of the same views.

Re: Howard: Obama has Mayberry spirit

As Gomer would say, Gooo-oo-ooooolly~

I bet they'll be talking about this at Floyd's barbershop for weeks!

Re: Howard: Obama has Mayberry spirit

Obama is the darling of Hollywood. They never liked Reagan even though he was one of their own. But Obama has all the qualities that are sacred in Hollywood.

Hollywood has written a script for Obama's administration. And like Mayberry, if anything goes wrong then Hollywood can alter the script and everything will work out just it did in Mayberry.

I look forward to Hollywood's influence in Obama's reign. It should be a whole lot of fun with no consequences whatsoever.........and that's what life should be.

Re: Howard: Obama has Mayberry spirit

Wuptdo> Please stop w. the racism. We're all getting a little tired of it. Is this how you want the rest of the world to see NC? Disagree w. someone's politics all you want, but it's rude to attack someone's character when you don't even know him.
His name is BARACK, not Hussein. Hussein is his middle name and was given to him by his parents, something he had NO control over. I'm pretty sure "Hussein" is like Smith in some parts of the world, so to imply that he is somehow related to Saddam is ridiculous.
You and the McCain campaign are grasping at straws & it comes off as totally desperate. You might as well get used to saying "President Obama". Sorry.

Re: Howard: Obama has Mayberry spirit

Hey Opie, thats the DOOFIEST red 'hairpiece' ever worn in front of a camera. Pitiful ignorance from this bunch.

STRIVE to be SMARTER than a democrat!

Re: Hussein Obama NOT a native born U.S. Citizen??

If Hussein Obama is not a native born U.S. Citizen, how can he even remotely have the Mayberry Spirit. We are about the same age, but when I was watching the Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry RFD, Hussein Obama was being taught at the local islamic school in Indonesia. If I recall, they didn't even have electricity where he was living. So I ask again, if he didn't live in the U.S., how could he have the spirit of Mayberry? Check this out folks:

Re: Howard: Obama has Mayberry spirit

sorry if I offended you with my spelling or my grammer, but I suspect it was the truth that offended you. SORRY. "can't spell but I sure can vote"

Re: Yes saying "Bitter Clingers" sure sounds like Mayberry

Nawww, "Liberty11," I don't see Gomer or Floyd or Andy or Barney being that way. Maybe Ernet T. Bass. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Ernest T. Bass, but mostly because he makes me laugh.

I wouldn't vote for the boy. As our good friend Barney would say, "He's a nut."

Re: Howard: Obama has Mayberry spirit


Re: Howard: Obama has Mayberry spirit

how about "advice"? would you take any "advice" from anyone? how about spelling? or grammar?

Re: Howard: Obama has Mayberry spirit

Opie,Andy,and the Fonz come on people does the hollywood crowd think us north carolina folks are that easy???? Andy Griffth was never a north carolina sheriff. He was sheriff on a studio lot in hollywood . Why is he such a political force in our state???? The democrats always drag him into elections like the folks in north carolina will do what ever he recomends. Hey I like the Andy Griffth show, I grew up watching it, but I don't really like to take advise on how to vote from a fictious charactor.

Yes saying "Bitter Clingers" sure sounds like Mayberry

One problem with the claim Obama represents Mayberry.
The people of Mayberry are "bitter clingers" to "guns and religion".

Watch the polls once this news gets out

I imagine this story will run above the fold on the front page of the Friday morning edition. With three day averaging, once the word gets out that Sheriff Andy says it is okay to vote for Barack Obama, I'd say by Monday's polls we'll start to see an increase in Obama's lead here. Watch.

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