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How would Obama '12 victory rank among top Tar Heel political races?

Hampton Dellinger lists North Carolina's top 5 political races in a recent piece penned for The Atlantic magazine's website. Not surprisingly big names like John Edwards, Jesse Helms and James Holshouser dominate the list.

President Barack Obama's 2008 win gets a shout-out at the end -- though not officially ranked among the North Carolina-specific contests. And not surprisingly, the current Walter Dalton v. Pat McCrory contest doesn't appear destined for fame.

Dome asked Dellinger, a Democrat, to size up the current governor's race and presidential battle in light of his list.

He writes: "Question for McCrory is can he duplicate the centrist path to victory used by Holshouser and Martin?  Given how Democratic-leaning North Carolina voters have stayed in gubernatorial races, it is clear that the 1972 GOP victory was a big deal and not one easily duplicated.  As for the presidential race, I do think that a second statewide victory by Obama would be truly historic.  As I mention in the piece, many were convinced that Obama’s 2008 win was an aberration.  If he carries the state again, I think it would be the hands-down winner in terms of most significant win at the presidential race level in our state’s political history going back to 1950."


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That's just silly.

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and start enjoying life, dude.


Obama and his gang are so far left that America will be headed for ruin.Obama depends on ill informed and anti American groups to elect him.

History in making

A second Obama victory will be a harbinger of change in NC's political demographics.  If this victory were to come on Nov. 6, the Obama coalition will be composed largely of African American and Hispanic minorities and suburban progressives.  Past Democratic majorities included those plus a large white conservative Democratic voting bloc found in eastern NC.  These so-called Jessecrats, for their support of Republican Semator Jesse Helms, are registered Democrats who have tended to vote for Republican presidential candidates but who remain registered Democrats and often vote for selected Democrats running locally and statewide.  The winning Obama coalition will show once again that Democrats can win without these conservatives who are diminishing in their numbers as they age and die.  This has significance for future statewide races and the ideology of Democratic candidates chosen in primaries by party faithful.  Look for a more progressive Democratic party that will champion education and transporation funding and advocate strongly for minority rights.

This in turn will push the remaining Jessecrats further to the Republican Party and along with Tea Party members take the NC Republican Party much farther to the right.  Issues like personhood, abortion restrictions, voter restrictions, and tax reductions will be their cry.  This polarization between parties has occurred already in neighboring states like Virginia.

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