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How to prevent avoidable diseases

The GOP candidates took different tacks on how the government could reduce preventable diseases at a debate tonight.

Fred Smith said the government should encourage people to have a healthy lifestyle and get regular physical exams, but the responsibility should be on the individual.

"We've got to take responsibility for our lifestyle," he said.

Bill Graham said that public schools should offer more nutritious food in cafeterias, and the state should reduce air pollution that leads to asthma.

"The main aggravator is simply the environmental pollutants we have coming out of our coal-fired plants and a lot of the other industries that we've had," he said.

Pat McCrory agreed that responsibility should be on the individual, but the government should provide cost incentives for choosing healthy lifestyle options.

"We in state government can promote healthy citizens throughout North Carolina by giving tax breaks, especially to small business who promote preventative care for their employees," he said.

Bob Orr cited the Asheville Project, a city program that successfully lowered health care costs by giving incentives to the workers who were costing the most.

"What I'd like to see is to take this program, which private enterprise has also been experimenting with, and take it in to state government," he said.


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Re: How to prevent avoidable diseases

Yeah if a politician mentions funding, then he/she must be one of them crazy spendthrifts! We need to put guys like Fred Smith in office to point out that those "avoidable" diseases are something the afflicted miscreants deserve to have. Hey buddy, we're down with your code! We "get" it.

Where do we get these morons? It's sad that what isn't "avoidable" are pinheads like Smith who mouth platitudes in the face of serious social issues, and bird-brains who cheer him on.

Silly goose. Don't you know virtually ALL diseases are "avoidable" not just the ones you think only "bad" people contract.

Re: How to prevent avoidable diseases

Everyone but Smith seems to be coughing up money as a cure.

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