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How much did labor spend in '08?

How much did labor groups spend in 2008?

We're still working through the campaign finance reports, but here are the numbers Dome has collected so far on spending in state races by unions and employee associations:

National Education Association: $1,935,703

Service Employees International Union: $1,810,569

International Brotherhood of Teamsters: $334,117

N.C. Association of Educators: $267,230

State Employees Association of N.C.: $194,800

United Food and Commercial Workers Union: $116,500

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: $41,500

Communications Workers of America: $18,750

UNITE HERE: $16,500

United Auto Workers: $9,000

N.C. Chapter of the AFL-CIO: $4,000

That adds up to $4.7 million for the 2008 cycle. However, it does not take into account money given by unions to groups such as the Democratic Governors Association, which also spent heavily here.

It also does not include spending in the U.S. Senate race.


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Re: Is it any wonder why NC remains so democrat oppressed?

Not for big oil, big drug and NRCC lack of trying.

Shall we play the who spent more here game?

Re: How much did labor spend in '08?

Is it any wonder why NC remains so democrat oppressed?

Re: How much did labor spend in '08?

And these Unions all believe in the public check card instead of secret ballots. Oh that reminds me, why is it ok for Democrats in Congress to choose their members by secret ballot but not ok for American workers to select whether to have a union by a secret ballot?

Re: How much did labor spend in '08?


Is the red clay number wrong?

$4 million from workers Red Clay?

Gosh, it's almost like people that work for a living in NC can now compete with the corporate stock holders of our companies that live in NYC and hostile nations like China.


Re: How much did labor spend in '08?

If you don't want to wait for Ryan to finish adding it up, I've already done it.

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