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How Daughtridge, Cowell compare

How is fundraising going in the treasurer's race?

Campaign finance reports from both Republican nominee Bill Daughtridge and Democrat Janet Cowell are in from the second quarter.

Here's a breakdown of the numbers:

Fundraising: Since the beginning of their campaigns, Daughtridge has raised $244,348 while Cowell has raised $663,403, more than two and a half times as much. Neither has loaned or given their campaign cash. Advantage: Cowell.  

Cash on Hand: At the end of the second quarter, Daughtridge had $74,152 on hand, while Cowell had $197,133, again more than two and a half times as much. Cowell again has the advantage, although neither has enough for a serious TV campaign.

Spending: Daughtridge spent $44,788 in the second quarter, while Cowell spent $71,890. She is spending more on campaign staffers and had an $18,000 TV ad buy in the primary, but sometimes you have to spend money to make it.

Unlike the race for governor and Senate, this one will not be fought primarily on television, if only for the fact that neither candidate has enough cash to do it.

That means a lot of trench warfare: Mailers, campaign appearances and a strong campaign machine.

As a state senator and a former Raleigh City Councilwoman, Cowell has a good base of supporters and the trappings of a good campaign. So far, she's bringing in enough money to keep it humming, giving her a strong advantage heading into the fall.


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Re: How Daughtridge, Cowell compare

Gee, I think if voters have a chance to know Bill Daughtridge, Janet Cowell will win. Daughtridge is all about Daughtridge and his oil-slick buddies. Cowell is clean as a whistle, straight as an arrow and honest as Abe Lincoln. Everybody who knows both candidates knows this. I think voters will recognize it, too.

Re: How Daughtridge, Cowell compare

I think if enough voters get a chance to get to know about Bill Daughtridge, he'll win. Let's hope that happens.

Re: How Daughtridge, Cowell compare

People should vote for who will do the right things in North Carolina. Our roads and schools are failing, our state budget is out of control. There is a constant stream of democratic politicians going to prison, being indicted, and having the wrists slapped by the ethics commission or SBOE. And I can add in the Governor's and his wife's trips to europe on the taxpayer's dime. Even now we will have almost 100 mostly Democratic politicians going to New Orleans on our taxpayer's dime. And that body has NO bearing over what happens in North Carolina.

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