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House speaker raising money off leaked strategy memo

It didn't take long for House Speaker Thom Tillis to use a strategy memo about how to weaken the state's Republican leadership as a way to raise money.

The Republican leader sent a fundraising solicitation Friday, less than a day after the story broke. "We are only three weeks in to the legislative session and ultra-liberal organizations, in partnership with the Democratic Party and Democratic legislative leaders have vowed to "cripple" me," he writes. "The confidential strategy document sayes (sic) the key to their success is to“Eviscerate the [republican] leadership and weaken their ability to govern.”   

Tillis' suggestion that the state Democratic Party is involved is not yet proven, but Democratic House leader Larry Hall did use language from the memo in a recent speech.

The fundraising letter continues: "I believe this kind of failed leadership is why democrats lost their chance to govern and why North Carolina is now led by Republicans.  We are not here to tear down the other side.  We are here to solve problems.  ... We are off to a great start but we need your help to fight the cut-throat tactics our opponents clearly intend to use to "weaken our ability to govern. Can I count on your financial support to meet the stiff challenges of those who want us to fail?"

Worth noting: Tillis is raising money for his personal coffers -- not the House GOP leadership's account.

Another note: Tillis knows what it's like to be caught with your political pants down. In 2011, he told a town hall that the state needed to "find a way to divide and conquer" people on public assistance. He later apologized amid a firestorm of criticism.

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