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House sends McCrory a stack of reading material

The House gave about 20 bills final legislative approval Tuesday and sent them on to Gov. Pat McCrory. Here are some notable ones:

Under House Bill 250, charter schools will no longer need to ask permission from the State Board of Education to expand by adding one grade. The unchecked expansion raised questions last week because of the potential impact on small school districts, but the House ended up approving it 117-0. The bill will also give charter school admission preferences brothers and sisters of school alumni.

House Bill 492 allows Medicaid recipients who have Alzheimer's disease to receive up to 130 hours of personal care services per month, up from 80 hours. The bill was approved in a 114-0 vote. Owners of assisted living facilities wanted the increase, saying 80 hours was not enough to care for people with dementia.

The House passed the "Big Gulp" bill 99-16. This legislation promoted by the American Legislative Executive Council prohibits cities and towns from banning sales of big sodas, a la New York City and Mayor Michael Bloomberg. House Bill 683 also says food producers cannot be held liable in court for making people obese.


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