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House passes Racial Justice Act repeal

The full House on Wednesday gave its final approval of a bill repealing the 2009 Racial Justice Act, which would re-start executions in North Carolina if it becomes law.

The legislation has to return to the Senate for concurrence in minor changes a House committee made to the bill earlier this month. Wednesday’s vote was 77-39, mostly along party lines.

Democrats say the Racial Justice Act, which allows convicted killers to petition to get off death row if they can prove racial bias in their cases, has been proven as necessary by a Cumberland County judge’s rulings in a handful of cases already. But Republicans say there are other ways of challenging whether a trial was free of bias or not.


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Racial Justice Act was always an Injustice

The RJA allows defense attorneys to introduce statistics from unrelated cases (and anecdotal accounts) to taint decisions and obfuscate the truth as means to defend their clients.

In the years leading up to the passage of the RJA sponsors were spoon-fed propaganda from trial lawyers groups and anti-death penalty activists that has never been published in scientific journals. As a consequence, the raw data and methods of collection/interpretation in these so called "studies" has not been presented to or verified by objective (and qualified) “applied statisticians”. Disparity and actual bias were (and continue to be) purposely presented as the same thing. In addition, the authors of the studies failed to distinguish between odds and multipliers and allowed false perceptions of bias to be repeated over and over again... until the truth was obscured.

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