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House eugenics bill gives $50,000 to victims

A House bill  introduced Wednesday would offer $50,000 to people ordered sterilized under the authority of the state Eugenics Board. The board authorized thousands of sterilizations from 1933 to 1974. Rep. Larry Womble, a Winston-Salem Democrat, has been working for years for victim compensation.  House Speaker Thom Tillis took up the cause last year.

Under the bill, the state Industrial Commission would determine individuals' eligibilty.  Eligible people would receive the $50,000 tax free. An initial committee meeting on the bill is scheduled for Tuesday.


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they spend on non molested roads

in the good roads state. who ever saw a bastard pregnant highway?

They gave nothing

They took and smited it with a doo doo little of governess. $50,000 to say breed no more! And if you don,t comply we as a smeared new gov will make you wish you did. Creepies!

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