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Horne struggled with memory

Dave Horne, who was treasurer for former Gov. Mike Easley's gubernatorial campaign, struggled to understand or remember the answer a lot of questions during his testimony Tuesday.

Horne (at right studying a document with attorney David Long) testified that in his role as treasurer he over saw thousands and thousands of contributions and expenses and that he did not see it as his job to review the daily activities of the campaign.

Horne was asked by chairman Larry Leake about a memo that stated money could be funneled through the Democratic Governors Association by individuals who wouldn't necessarily want their names on a campaign finance report, "controversial" people as the memo explained it. Horne said he didn't understand the concept.

"I'm not sure what's meant by 'controversial individuals' and I don't recall any discussions about that," Horne said.


Board members asked him repeatedly about who helped craft the campaign's money-raising plans. He said he could not remember all the names. Board member Bill Peaslee asked which of the contributors to the plan Horne could identify.

"What do you mean by 'contribute?'" Horne asked.

Peaslee responded, "You tell me what you meant when you said you can't remember the names of all the people who contibuted to the plan."

Board member Charles Winfree asked if Horne remembered details about a flight he was on that was piloted by McQueen Campbell.

"Was that a campaign flight?" Winfree asked.

"I don't remember," Horne said.

"Do you remember where you went?"

"I don't," Horne said adding that he did remember that Easley was on the flight. "Quite frankly, my memory is very hazy about that."


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Re: Horne struggled with memory

He may have early onset of alzheimers.

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