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Holding claims he has big lead over Coble

George Holding’s campaign is saying this evening that its internal polling shows he is leading Paul Coble by more than 12 points in the GOP primary for the 13th congressional district.

Word comes in the form of a memo sent to supporters, saying a tracking poll was done last night. It adds that Holding has increased his lead in every region in the district. It says he leads among conservatives by more than 15 points.

Update: The campaign says it was a tracking poll of 600 Republican primary voters in the district, and it had a margin of error of 1 to 4 percent.


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George and carter should be ashamed

It's obvious this poll is a joke; George and Carter should be ashamed. They literally conjured up a lie and sent it not only to the N&O, but also in an email to his (few) supporters. That is despicable. I receive his emails, and I don't know why. But he flat out lied to those who support him the most. You can hang it up, George. You can sell that nice Washington condo. Time for you and Carter to call it a career. This is a lie, and in the worst form, to those who supported you the most.

And then there's Easley

You're right, AP!

Also, Paul Coble didn't let Mike Easley skate on a pathetic $1,000 fine and no admission of wrongdoing.

Who did?

Oh yes -- George Holding.

Go figure!

I support Paul Coble!

So there is no confusion.... I totally support Paul Coble.  I am proud to call him a friend and have provided my financial support as well.

Withstanding the ruthless assault of an all-out Carter Wrenn attack takes incredible character and integrity.  I hope Repub primary voters see that.

Holding is incidental in all this.  This is purely a matter of "how low will Carter Wrenn go in the final days?"  History says "very very low".

No question mark needed

Agent Pierce, no question mark needed with 'Enough said'.  Carter Wrenn is a double- talking mouth piece for the Republican nominee of First Citizen's Bank--George Holding. His super PAC ads have lowered the bar for every candidate competing in the 2012 primary. Nine Nine Nein? Who's Paul Coble supposed to be? Heinrich Himmler? And while we're at it, why in the world do you drop poll information on a Friday night after we've all turned in for the weekend? Who's he trying to convince? The cleaning lady?

Carter Wrenn is a liar. George Holding is desperate. Enough said.


As Mark Twain famously almost said: There are lies, dang lies, and campaign lies!!

This smells like a stinky rotten Carter Wrenn special.  Don't believe it for a single second!

It's a classic, craven, clumsy, and deeply cynical attempt to discourage Paul Coble's supporters from voting and contributing to his campaign.  But it is sure to backfire with the voting public.

N&O, please ask the pseudo-Christian Mr. Wrenn and his client, the former 11-year federal employee George E.B. Holding I, to PROVE their assertion.  Verify their claim.  Demand their full poll numbers.

A smart voter would lay odds that what the First Citizens Holdingcorp campaign has done is they've taken a single deeply insightful question or two that happened to poll their way -- "Which name do you believe comes first alphabetically, 'George,' or 'Paul'?" -- and they've misrepresented it (like everything else about their desperate, despicable campaign) to appear to refer to the overall topline of the poll.


This is nothing more than George Holding's hilariously lame attempt to distract from the N&O's well-researched Fact Check out today that exposes the Holding campaign's desperate dissembling for the dishonest claptrap that it is.

George Holding's coterie of arrogant trial lawyers and super-rich banker cronies might have pumped a million dollars or more into a secretive special-interest super PAC without much complaint from the biased N&O editorial bored, but despite their fervent wish to implant their servile minion in Congress, they do not control the independent-minded voters of the 13th District!

Think for yourself, folks.  You know in your gut, something smells rancid about the George Holdingcorp's disgusting campaign to return to his condo -- and his self-serving spirtual roots -- in Washington.

Trust your gut.  Spurn hypocritical George Holding, whom you know you can't trust to tell the truth.

You know darn well that if he lies to you in his campaign -- and he has -- he'd surely lie to you if elected.

Vote instead for principled Paul Coble, a successful small-businessman for the past 31 years.  You can trust Paul Coble to tell you the truth, to face the facts, and to do what he believes is the right thing.

George E.B. Holding, not so much -- less and less every day, in fact.  Just watch...

Holding's puppetmaster is ....

Holding's puppetmaster is the infamous Carter Wrenn.  YIKES!

Enough said ?

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