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Herman Cain leading GOP field in North Carolina? For now, PPP poll shows

A Public Policy poll from the weekend shows a new front-runner in the nascent GOP presidential race in North Carolina: Herman Cain. Yes, Herman Cain.

Fresh from a bounce in the Florida straw poll, the pizza magnate is getting new attention from potential voters, according to an analysis from Tom Jensen at PPP, the Democratic polling firm in Raleigh.

Cain took 27 percent verses Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich at 17, Perry at 15 and Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann at 6, the poll showed.

(It's unclear if Perry's slide is caused by his impolitic N.C. barbecue remark, or actual policy differences with Republican voters.)

Read PPP's a full analysis of the changing GOP race for president here.


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It's your Fault Herman?

lol.....Boy! Talking about the IQ level of North Carolina Republicans, This country is toast with Republican fools like Cain running around and dumbing down more Republicans.....  

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