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Hallo, Ni Hao, Privyet

Greg Dority thinks elementary school kids need more languages.

The Republican candidate for lieutenant governor told Dome that North Carolina's children will need to study foreign languages at a younger age to compete in the global economy.

Based on current economic trends, he favors German, Chinese and Russian. He is not in favor of teaching kids more Spanish, French or Arabic, however.

"Spanish can be an excellent language to get a job today in North Carolina," he said, "but ultimately as more globalization occurs more and more of our businesses will need people who can go to Eastern Europe, Asia and Russia."

He said French is used more in diplomacy and politics and Arabic is too heard to teach younger children.


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Re: Hallo, Ni Hao, Privyet

So if Arabic is too hard, why is Chinese OK?

Re: Hallo, Ni Hao, Privyet

Learning your native tongue is different from learning a foreign language.

The Foreign Service Institute of the U.S. State Department ranks languages for their difficulty for a native English speaker.

Level I: French, Spanish

Level I (1/2): German 

Level II: Russian 

Level III: Chinese, Arabic

— RTB 

Re: Hallo, Ni Hao, Privyet

"Arabic is too heard to teach younger children."

...which is why children in the Middle East are mostly mute until age 18. This guy sounds like he's lucky to be able to tie his own shoes in the morning.

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