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Hagan's biofuel amendment clears Senate

A progressive national security group is lauding an amendment by Sen. Kay Hagan to the National Defense Authorization Act, a law that among other things sets the Defense Department's budget.

Hagan's amendment, which passed Thursday on a 54-41 vote, would repeal a section previously added by Sen. John McCain that prohibits the Defense Department from entering contracts to plan, design, refurbish or build a biofuels plant unless specifically authorized by law.

Mike Breen, executive director of the Truman National Security Project, said the vote has him "extremely encouraged."

"Today's vote was a victory for our military's energy security, helping ensure that we develop technology to diversify the fuels that power our military's vehicles, ships, and aircraft," he said.  

Breen added that he is confident the amendment will hold when a conference committee of the House and Senate convene to exact the NDAA.

The Washington-based group wants the Defense Department to spur the biofuel industry by promoting private-public partnerships with the Defense Department.

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