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Hagan supports parts of bill

Sen. Kay Hagan says she supported elements of a health care bill unveiled Wednesday.

Sen. Max Baucus on Wednesday rolled out the Senate Finance Committee plan that requires all individuals to purchase health care and prohibits insurance companies from charging more to people with more serious health problems. But it stops short of President Barack Obama's proposal for a government-run insurance plan.

Hagan said in a statement that she was happy to see that the Senate Finance Committee health care bill would reduce the federal deficit by $49 billion over the next 10 years.

Hagan said she also supports insurance market reforms in the bill. Those changes were also included in a bill passed by the another Senate committee on which Hagan serves. The bill would prevent insurance companies from denying coverage because a preexisting condition, removes lifetime caps on coverage and removes co-pays for preventative services.

Hagan said she supports a "backstop" option for Americans who do not have employer sponsored health care. The Finance Committee bill would create a co-op model.

"While there are many details that still need to be worked out, we ultimately need health insurance reform that ensures people who like their insurance and doctors keep them, expands access to health insurance for those without it, and slows down the skyrocketing cost of health care," Hagan said.


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Re: Hagan supports parts of bill

Kay hagan is a liar. She and her staff cannot keep their stories straight. I met with hagan's DC staff last week and they told me she was 100% behind the public option. Then, she goes to the compliant sheep in the news media with this stuff. She is trying to lie her way past the voters in NC, while cozying up to Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer.

I flipped through her guest book outside her lobby in DC. Sixty pages of angry messages from NC voters! Her receptionists -- during the 20 minutes I waited -- fielded nothing but angry calls from NC.

She won because Elizabeth Dole and John McCain ran incompetent campaigns. Kay Hagan is merely John Edwards in a dress / Hillary pantsuit. The country and the state will suffer until she is replaced in 2014.

Re: Hagan supports parts of bill

Hagan will have a firm opinion of a bill as soon as Schumer tells her what her opinion is.

Re: Hagan supports parts of bill

Elections do matter. This woman is out of touch with N. C. We need recall elections.

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