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Hagan: shut down hurting NC

Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan told the Senate Tuesday that the government was having a negative impact on North Carolina.

"It's a shame that some in Congress are playing political games with the most basic function of keeping the government running,'' Hagan said in a speech."I didn’t get elected to shut down the government, and with each minute that goes by, more and more North Carolinians are feeling the impact of this irresponsible shutdown.''

She said the Winston-Salem regional VA office is closed and the claims processors were furloughed threatening progress in eliminating the claims back log.

Hagan said many of the national parks are closed, which support 12,000 jobs.

The National Institute of Heath supports roughly 20,000 jobs in North Carolina, but NIH will not take any actions on gang applications or awards or admit new patients to clinical trials while the government is shut down.

She said school district could face cash flow problems with loss of money from federal programs, and universities will be put in a difficult position without federal research grants.

"'There is no reason we can’t end this shutdown, and fortunately, there is a simple solution,'' Hagan said. "The Senate has passed a responsible bill that keeps the government running at currently reduced spending levels. The House of Representatives could pass that bill today and this shutdown could end within a matter of hours. Then we could have the time and space to come together on a long-term, balanced and bipartisan plan put our fiscal house in order.     Instead, the other side of the Capitol insists on sending us bills that they know have zero chance of becoming law – just to stage a political stunt.''



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Disappointed Independent

Let me get this straight… Senator Hagan, the House votes to fund the VA… and waits for the Senate to vote but the Senate Majority Leader never puts it on the schedule for a vote. So we don’t know if you are for or against funding the VA… I haven’t seen your vote.

Yet, we heard the President of the United States say he will VETO it? I say let him have the opportunity…. I want to see how Sen. Burr the Ranking member of the Senate VA committee and my other Senator Kay Hagan from NC would vote, but the funny thing is… the Senate Majority Leader is putting PARTY over what is good for Americans.

I would expect more from my Senator from NC, who claims to be so for the Veterans… if everyone in Congress Agrees to fund the VA…. Then PASS the darn Appropriations to fund it! A 2/3 Majority in both Houses Trumps any threat of a VETO!

Very disappointed in you Sen. Hagan… this is from a registered Independent! You will not see me vote for you in 2014… The Democrats have chosen Party over the People of this country for too long.

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