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Hagan not opposed to drilling

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan said she is not opposed to drilling for oil or natural gas off the North Carolina coast if that is what the state decides to do.

"If the state determines that we need to be drilling," Hagan said, "I would support that."

She said North Carolina should get a healthy share of any revenues — perhaps 35 percent, Rob Christensen reports.

"I'm not opposed to it," Hagan said in an interview.

But she said the environmental impact, the cost of retrieving the oil and gas, and what kind of reserves are off the coast are all factors that would have to be weighed.


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Re: Drill baby drill won't work or help

Drilling for natural gas and oil is a lot cheaper than erecting wind turbines off the coast.Last time I looked we live in a free society and can drive anything we deem fit to our lifestyle..I know all the rabid libs. would prefer we all just bicycle, unless you are a politician, or "gated lib." and can afford jets! Its nice to see Hagan represent what the MAJORITY of North Carolinian's want!

Drill baby drill won't work or help

"Drill baby drill" is not an energy policy. We import 2/3 of our oil... we would have to TRIPLE domestic production in order to stop importing oil. We ain't never gonna stop importing oil as long as Americans decide they want to drive gas guzzling SUVs. If Americans really cared about energy security and not buying oil from unfriendly countries, they would get rid of their gas guzzlers. How many SUV drivers don't even understand the hypocrisy of driving a gas guzzler with a "support our troops" magnet on the rear hatch?

Re: Hagan not opposed to drilling

manamongst, unless you pay for the site server interested can post all of the pickens plan "crap" he wants to. He certainly doesn't have to listen to you, who probably doesn't even understand why the two party system is necessary. I suppose you want every senator and representative to be a democrat, or to have extreme liberal views regardless of what anyone else in America wants. What is a "Republican Enabler" to one man is a Moderate Democrat who doesn't wear a tin-foil hat to another man :).

Re: Hagan not opposed to drilling

I don't think the Pickens plan is crap. What is your solution?
You are right about Hagan though, She is a waffler.
I'm NOT a Paultard, not that there's anything wrong with that.
In NC, to a republican a liberal is any one to the left of Hitler!

Even the Dems in NC are waaaay too conservative for me.

Re: Hagan not opposed to drilling

Language, please.

— RTB 

Re: Hagan not opposed to drilling

Get out of here will that Pickens plan crap, that's all we need is another Paultard trollin about. I'm not opposed to her keeping the door open for less environmentally intrusive extraction methods. But she has already disapointed me when she just arbitrarily jumped on that Evan Bayh Blue Dog RINO train crap he half-bakedly concocted a week or so ago. Seriously they need to firmly shake the hell out of these republican enablers and apologists.

Re: Hagan not opposed to drilling

Musical Quiz: Who sang "we won't be fooled again" ?

I recall another part of the song as well: "Look at the new boss. Same as the old boss."

Disappointing, but not unexpected.

Re: Hagan not opposed to drilling


WE have to break our addiction to foreign oil.

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