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Hagan: NC tools prevent fraud, waste

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan says a North Carolina initiative and software sold by a Cary company could save billions in wasted and fraudulent health care expenses.

Hagan was speaking on the Senate floor Tuesday in support of an amendment to the health care reform package that is meant to lower costs by preventing fraud and waste.

Hagan spoke in favor of a program meant to catch Medicare and Medicaid fraud before payments are made, rather than having investigators try to recover spent money. SAS has written software that would catch irregularities that suggest fraud before payments are made, she said.

Hagan also spoke in favor of bringing a state program to the national level. ChecKmeds NC, a program of the N.C. Health and Wellness Trust Fund, provides free consultation with seniors about their medications. The cost of patients not following doctors' orders on medications is $290 billion a year, Hagan said.

In the state's program, seniors bring all their vitamins, prescriptions and over-the-counter medications to a participating pharmacist who offers a review and consultation.

Pharmacists discuss ways to save money by switching medications or potential problems and pitfalls with combinations of medications. Hagan said the program, which served 15,000 seniors in 2007, saved $10 million and avoided countless health care problems.


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Re: Hagan: NC tools prevent fraud, waste

BF: "I believe Senator Hagan has the best interests of her NC constitutents in mind, as she contemplates every vote she casts."

You should have said "has the best interests of Obie and her future in mind, as she contemplates every vote that she sells.

Re: Hagan: NC tools prevent fraud, waste

I believe Senator Hagan has the best interests of her NC constitutents in mind, as she contemplates every vote she casts. It is not easy being responsive to a diverse group with multiple interests, but I think she tries to weigh her votes carefully, judging what benefits
she can bring to the largest number of folks in our state.

On occasion, she has not represented my opinion, but nevertheless, I think it is her goal to do the best she can for all of us in NC.


Re: Hagan: NC tools prevent fraud, waste

I whole heartly agree with this assessment of Senator Hagan. As a senior, I am being ripped off by the likes of Sen. Hagan and the rest of the "Socialist" Democratic Party, led by Sen. Reid and the President of the United States.

President Obama will propose taking money FROM the United States and give it to those so-called countries "more deserving". I can not think of any nation more deserving than the United States AND its unemployed US Citizens and Legal Aliens!!). This is the beginning of the "World Order" where wealth is moved from the "rich" to the "poor".

It IS Pres. Obama's first job to protect the good Citizens and Legal Immigrants of the United States; NOT to protect other nations and Illegal Immigrants.

Re: Hagan: NC tools prevent fraud, waste

Hagan is a disgrace to our great state of NC and needs to be replaced in the next election. She will sell out the people just to maintain status with her Obie party of liberals in congress. If they save any money at all with this software, it won't compare to their theft of Medicare money that we all put into the system from every one of our hard earned paychecks. Throw her out with the rest of the left wing socialists.

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