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Hagan names lawyers to guide her

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan has named lawyers to help her with judicial appointments.

The Greensboro Democrat announced that former U.S. attorney Janice McKenzie Cole, criminal attorney Locke Clifford and N.C. State Bar vice president Anthony di Santi will serve on the panel advising her.

The panel will be led by former N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Burley Mitchell.

"I have brought together some of North Carolina's best and brightest, each of whom offers a diverse range of legal expertise, to help me recommend federal nominees that all North Carolinians, regardless of their political affiliation, will be proud of," Hagan said in a statement.

Each is from a different area of the state: Cole lives in Perquimans County, Clifford lives in Greensboro, di Santi in Blowing Rock, and Mitchell in Raleigh. All four are registered Democrats.

The group will make recommendations to Hagan for U.S. attorneys, federal district cout judgeships and appointments to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Hagan hopes to end partisan gridlock over the Fourth Circuit.


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Re: Hagan names lawyers to guide her

I'm pretty sure Burley Mitchell wasn't chosen for his contributory capacity.

Re: Hagan names lawyers to guide her

Hopefully Ripley Rand will not be named U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District.

Re: Hagan names lawyers to guide her

How's that NAACP investigation coming along?

Re: Hagan names lawyers to guide her

Senator Hagan is to be complimented on the 4 lawyers named. They will provide her with sound advice and guidance on making apprpriate selections for the federal bench.

Re: Hagan names lawyers to guide her

It is part of the spell checker conspiracy...It is Bill Gates' method to forever changing the English language...he is a sneaky one...

Re: Hagan names lawyers to guide her

Working on it. Thanks.

— RTB 

Re: Hagan names lawyers to guide her

Why do the people who pull stories off these blogs and link them on the front page not know how to spell Kay Hagan's name?

It seems like every mid-day update about her goes up as "Hagen" for a few hours before someone catches it.

Re: Hagan names lawyers to guide her

Just for public consumption:

Burley Mitchell - gave $2,300 in both the primary and general election cycle to Kay Hagan's campaign.

Locke Clifford - gave $500 to Hagan in the general election

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