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Hagan feels good '14, would invite Obama to campaign

Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan said she thinks she is well-positioned for re-election campaign next year, although she expects hers to one of the top targeted Senate seats when Republicans try to retake control of the Senate next year.

"I feel very, very good about my race," Hagan said in a meeting with reporters and editors of The News and Observer. "I know I have to raise a lot of money. I know the opposition will be spending an incredible amount of money in our state. I won't be able to counter that but I will certainly be prepared and put together a top notch team.''

She said that Republicans spent $40 million to try to defeat Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio last year, suggesting a similar effort might be aimed at her in 2014.

Hagan said she would "be honored'' to have President Obama campaign for her.

Hagan said she felt that North Carolina voters saw her as a moderate centered on finding ways to use government to help spur job creation; and as a hard-working senator who returned home every weekend; and who emphasized constituent services like the late Republican Sen. Jesse Helms. She said that she had held town hall meetings in all 100 counties, and had closed more than 26,000 constituent cases.

"I want to run on my record,'' Hagan said. "I think my record speaks volumes.'

She made that comment when asked about whether she thought the legislature's actions would be an issue, since one of her potential opponents is House Speaker Thom Tillis and another potential opponent is Senate leader Phil Berger.

But Hagan, a former state senator for 10 years, noted that she strongly opposed to some of the legislation that had been passed by the Republican legislature such as the voter ID bill.

"I am appalled at some of the things that have taken place,'' she said. "I hear about it each and every day that I go across North Carolina.''

She noted that she asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to look into what she called the "voter suppression law'' noting that it also cut five days off early voting, and adds out-of-precinct observers to protest a person's right to vote.

Hagan called charges of voter fraud "a red herring.'' In the last 10 years, there were two case of fraud that would have been two cases that would have been impacted if a photo ID had been the law, Hagan said.


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Widespread Voter Fraud

Kay Hagan is sticking her head in the sand on the voter ID issue. In order to truly protect the integrity of the voting system in NC, we need to implement and embrace this new Voter ID program. This will help crack down on the documented, widespread fraud across NC.

I yearn for it

I yearn to see Kay accompanied by Barry, Chuck and Nancy as they whistlestop the state. If that does not get out the vote then nothing will. Well, maybe Harry would increase the turnout.

I yearn for it

I yearn to see Kay accompanied by Barry, Chuck and Nancy as they whistlestop the state. If that does not get out the vote then nothing will. Well, maybe Harry would increase the turnout.

Yes, Let's See Senator Hagan Share the Stage With BHO!

I'm waiting for her to keep THIS Campaign promise! Fat chance she'll feel the same way once polling begins in earnest.

Senator Hagan is no moderate. She has and will continue t willingly vote to infringe upon the 1st, 2nd, 4th and any and all Amendments that stand in the way of President Obama's socialist agenda.

We'll see her in action in just a week or two, as Congress returns from Summer Recess. Mark my words, her votes won't reflect moderation!

Greg Brannon is coming on strong....I feel the winds of a sea change coming!

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Hagan is right - Republican Vote Suppression is Despicable

Good for Kay Hagan! Attorney General Eric Holder ought to take Hagan's advice and bring a federal lawsuit for the deliberate suppression of votes in North Carolina by this radical Republican General Assembly and Governor Pat McCrory. When Hagan wins, McCrory will feel the heat - and he will be thrown out in 2016.

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