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Hagan explains vote on continuing resolution, Obamacare

Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan on her vote for the continuing resolution.
“Congress should never play political games with the most basic function of keeping the government running,'' Hagan said in an updated statement.

"A shutdown threatens to harm middle-class North Carolinians by jeopardizing paychecks and Tuition Assistance for our service members and risking further delays for veterans seeking to obtain their hard-earned benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Social Security payments for seniors who rely on that program to buy basic necessities like food and medicine could be in jeopardy, and loans to small businesses could be delayed.

“North Carolinians didn't elect me to shut down the government, harm our state's families, and jeopardize our economic recovery. I reject the political games being played in Congress, and I urge the House to pass the Senate’s plan that keeps the government running at currently reduced spending levels and prevents a damaging government shutdown.”


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You had better enjoy these last votes to screw the rest of us. Your days are numbered in the senate...doing all I can to make that happen.

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