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Hagan excludes migrants from health bill

Farmers who use temporary migrant labor would avoid paying penalties for not providing health insurance under an amendment from U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan that is part of the Senate’s health reform bill.

Hagan, a Greensboro Democrat, submitted the amendment during the final full day of business in the Senate health committee Tuesday, Barb Barrett reports. The committee Wednesday approved its portion of the massive health reform bill.

Under the bill, employers with more than 25 employees who do not provide health insurance are subject to penalties – $750 for each full-time worker and $375 for each part-time worker.

Hagan’s amendment, promoted by the American Farm Bureau Federation, would protect small family farms — those that normally employ fewer than 25 workers — from paying those health insurance fees when they have seasonal spikes in labor.

"Small family farms often only need help for short periods of time — sometimes as few as two or three weeks a year," Hagan said in a statement. "The average small farmer employs about 40 seasonal workers, bringing them temporarily over the employee limits in this bill. This amendment will fairly protect small family farms."


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Re: Hagan excludes migrants from health bill

I believe the word migrant is throwing you off topic a bit here. It's almost like you've been programmed to do so.

[Phone Rings, FFC answers]

Rush: Bitter?
FFC: [Abruptly] What...?
Rush: Bitter Ex?
FFC: Mother, I...
Rush: Bitter Ex Democrat?
FFC: Yes.
Rush: Listen.

I doubt any family farm hiring illegal labor is worried about a fine for not providing them health insurance. This is a common sense exemption for those attempting to follow the law, but with seasonal upticks that make that impossible.

Re: Hagan excludes migrants from health bill

Ditto building contractors.

Push your legislators to pass a law that mandates that NO ILLEGAL LABOR went into the product or service in NC!

Re: Hagan excludes migrants from health bill


Re: Hagan excludes migrants from health bill

Any farmer who dares hire ILLEGALs should have a $100,000 FINE per ILLEGAL found at their farm...

Re: Hagan excludes migrants from health bill

That would have made the farmers determine whether the worker was a legeal migrant or an illegal migrant. Pure and simple. This way they can hire anyone they want. I question what other taxes and hiring requirements "small farmers" are exempted from.

Re: Hagan excludes migrants from health bill

Why should business owners have to pay anything?? We pay workers comp, disability , unemployment, half of medicare and social security. When did employees and their families become my 24 hour a day responsibility? If you want gov't health care make the employee pay his own and I will pay my own. This was the problem with Hillary care. I will refuse and not hire any employees and just use contact labor. Another socialist pipe dream of Obama. The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money.

Re: Hagan excludes migrants from health bill

This is weird because it leaves out all the significance.
1) when farmers don't pay, taxpayers do.
2) migrant bodies populate hospitals. Taxpayers pay for that.
3) NC pays a lot in Medicaid for health services to migrants.
4) NC is out of money.
5) Farmers are way overrated.
6) There's serious issues right now, farming isn't one of them.
7) Make it easier to have migrants? Where's the Hagen lived recently?
8) There's no reason to put taxpayers on the hook for a farmer to hire people for a couple of weeks. It's not worth it. (for taxpayers)
9) Aren't we supposed to act like terrorist are real?
10) Who checks that migrant workers return to their country?
11) Who checks that migrant workers - work at all?

Seems that there's a lot of issues that don't get brought up.
I guess one person's "Red flags of BS" is another's "amazingly reasonable and warranted work." How polar.

Re: Hagan excludes migrants from health bill

This is amazingly reasonable and warranted work from Senator Hagan on behalf of our family farmers. I'm surprised she can still get anything done considering all the heat she's currently taking from manufactured outrage groups on both sides of the healthcare debate.

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