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Hagan bill to restore military tuition passes Senate

The U.S. Senate Wednesday passed a measure co-sponsored by Sen. Kay Hagan restoring Tuition Assistance for service members.

The amendment, sponsored by Hagan and Republican Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, makes sure that service members do not lose tuition a a result sequestration. The Hagan amendment was part of a six-month continuing resolution passed by the Senate and which is expected to be considered by the House shortly, perhaps on Thursday.

“I'm so proud to have worked with Senator Inhofe to restore Tuition Assistance for our service members who sacrifice so much for our country day in and day out,” Hagan said in a statement.

“We cannot balance our budget on the backs of our service members, and this amendment to restore Tuition Assistance will help us keep the promises we've made to them.''


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No credit deserved

Our elected officials manufactured this crisis because they did not do their job. The Senate has not done its job and pass a budget for the past 4 years. The President stomps around like a 2 year old refusing to come to the table and negotiate a deal that both sides can live with so no credit is deserved. In private industry such employees would have been given the BOOT long ago.

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