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Group solicits $8 donations to give lawmakers pee cups

A political group is seeking $8 donations to send state senators "pee cups" after the Senate approved a bill to drug test welfare recipients.

"We will tell NC General Assembly that if they are going to require drug tests for North Carolina residents, then they should pee first," says a fundraising pitch from Action NC, a group opposing the Republican legislative agenda.

Republicans managed to dodge an amendment Monday to require drug testing for lawmakers, the governor and the Council of State. But the bill's sponsor, Sen. Jim Davis, said he would take a drug test.

Action NC seemed to acknowledge the light-hearted nature of the fundraiser, writing "one good political stunt deserves another."

The pitch: "Send a pee cup and a message to your elected officials: $8 sends a cup to your state senator; $16 sends a cup to your state representative and state senator; $32 sends a cup to Gov. McCrory, the Lt. Governor and both of your representatives; and $160 sends a cup to the General Assembly and statewide officials."


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Wouldn't we all be better

Wouldn't we all be better served if that $8 donation went to feed the homeless or support a battered women's shelter. I realize its a joke but why shouldn't people feeding at the public trough at least show they aren't wasting their time and money on dope?

Moreover- how many criminals are drawing disability, selling their pills?

We are not an endless spigot of cash for the less motivated to tap.

They been using pee cups for years

The Republicans been using those pee cups for years and years. All those years of Democratic control of the Legislature and the Democrats in charge would not let the Republicans use the executive bathrooms. I have it on good authority that the poor ol' Republicans were forced to use Dixie Cups outside in the bushes. Making the Republicans go outside in the bushes is what caused those small bottles of hand sanitizer to be invented. And when the Dems left the General Assembly they took the keys to the bathrooms with them. The Republicans had to pick the locks to get in! That is not fair.

That's where the phrase, "From the outhouse to the statehouse," came from, I think.

Thank goodness for the pee cups. Before the cups all the azaleas were dying. You know it is true.

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