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Group finds green lining in General Assembly election results

Republicans aren’t the only ones rejoicing Wednesday morning. Perhaps surprisingly, the N.C. League of Conservation Voters says Tuesday was a successful Election Day for candidates it endorsed.

Of the 18 state Senate candidates it endorsed, 11 won. On the House side, 32 of the 50 hopefuls who received a NCLCV nod were victorious.

“Overall it was a successful night,” Dan Crawford, the organization’s governmental relations director, said in a statement. “We welcome these newly elected members and look forward to educating them on environmental issues.”

All of the candidates receiving the green nod were Democrats in safe districts except for two: Republican Sen. Neal Hunt of Wake County and Republican Rep. Chuck McGrady of Henderson County.

Triangle winners were: Sen. Dan Blue and Sen. Josh Stein of Wake, Sen. Ellie Kinnaird of Orange; Duane Hall, who ran unopposed in Wake; Rep. Larry Hall, Rep. Paul Luebke and Rep. Mickey Michaux of Durham, Rep. Rosa Gill, Rep. Deborah Ross, Rep. Darren Jackson, and newly elected Yvonne Lewis Holley of Wake; newly elected Valerie Foushee of Orange, and Rep. Verla Insko of Orange.

But with Republicans securing an overwhelming majority in the House and an edge in the Senate, we'll see how long the optimism lasts. Most of the state's environmental groups said the 2011-12 session was dreadful. NCLCV itself acknowledges that environmental issues were seldom mentioned on the campaign trail this year.

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